Strikeforce Play-by-Play: Jorge Gurgel vs. Adriano Martins

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Jorge Gurgel vs. Adriano Martins

Round 1: Gurgel is stone cold as the fight starts.  The fighters touch gloves.  Gurgel is bouncing on his toes moving very fluidly.  Gurgel lands abody kick and a right hand and pays for it as Martins lands a huge combo that sends Gurgel to the floor.  Gurgel is trying to pull Martins into his guard, but Martins is having none of it and is staying far back.  Gurgel lands an impressive side/upkick from his guard that sends Martins back and the two are back to their feet.  Martins has maintained control of the center of the cage as Gurgel has floated around the cage fence for the majority of the fight.  Martins again lands a huge right that floors Gurgel briefly, but stands back and allows Gurgel to get back up.  Martins is chasing Gurgel around the cage.  Gurgel lands a left hand, the best of the fight for him thus far.  The two exchange a  left for a right, both landing flush.  Gurgel’s corner telling him to bring the hands up and tuck the chin a little more as that has been his enemy thus far in the fight.  Martins lands a big body shot that sends Gurgel back.  With seconds left, Martins lands an uppercut and the round comes to a close.  While Martins won the round, it does appear he is slowing down while Gurgel looks unfazed. scores round one 10-9 for Martins.

Round 2: Round two begins and the fighters touch gloves.  Martins looks as if he recovered some stamina during the break.  Martins lands a big body shot followed by a big uppercut that gets Gurgel’s attention.  A leg kick from Gurgel halts the strikes and the two are back to moving around the cage.  Gurgel is having trouble getting inside on Martins and is relying heavily on leg kicks. Gurgel’s corner is telling him to land two leg kicks and back out.  He does as he is told.  The pace slows.  Martins lands a glancing right.  Gurgel’s face is the victim of two rounds of punishment from Martins.  Gurgel lands a nice headkick.  Martins opens up and lands a left right combo that makes Gurgel move back.  Gurgel is still relying heavily on the leg kick as his fists are having serious trouble making any contact.  Martins catches a Gurgel kick and puts him on his back.  Three shots and the round ends. scores round two 10-9 for Martins.

Round 3: The fighters come out with Gurgel likely needing a finish to take the fight.  Martins has more movement than in the prior round. Gurgel lands a big body kick that makes Martins step back.  A left right from Martins and Gurgel again lands a huge body kick. Gurgel is tripped to the ground and Martins is reluctant to follow him in.  The referee stands him up.  Gurgel’s face is fairly bloody, particularly beneath his right eye.  Martins has slowed down on the strikes briefly only to land two, two punch combos. Gurgel continues to back pedal.  Martins lands a left right combo that sends Gurgel back, followed by a big kick to the body. Martins is landing big shots to Gurgel but not enough power there to do much.  With a minute left there is little action.  The two exchange right hands and Martins opens up with a big flurry of punches.  Gurgel lands one of few punches, hitting Martins with a left.  With the end of the round coming the two go at it landing huge shots with Martins smiling while taking some big punches, delivering them as well.  Gurgel’s face looks rough, Martins looks like he just finished a medium sparring session. scores round three 10-9 and the fight 30-27 for Martins.

Adriano Martins def. Jorge Gurgel by Unanimous Decision (29-28, 29-28, 30-27), R3

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