Strikeforce Play-by-Play: Estevan Payan vs. Michael Bravo

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Estevan Payan vs. Michael Bravo

Round 1: Mark Carter is our referee for the fight.  THe fighters square up, Payan lands a leg kick followed by a left to the body.  Both are circling one another exchanging leg kicks.  Another leg kick by Bravo leaves him open for a right hand from Payan.  Both fighters are exchanging leg kicks, throwing little with the fists.  Bravo ducks a big right and lands a jab of his own.  More leg kicks from Payan.  Bravo lands a slick left high kick that just misses.  Payan lands a huge leg kick that takes Bravo’s legs out from beneath him just briefly but he regains his footing.  Payan continues to land leg kick after leg kick and is appearing to take control of the fight by doing so.  Payan lands a big left hand in what is the most effective shot of the fight thus far.  The two scramble and end up briefly clinched against the cage.  Bravo’s legs appear to be hurting as his movement is nothing like it was at the beginning.  Payan lands two big shots and Bravo’s hands are down but Payan does nothing further.  The round ends, Bravo with a small amount of blood coming from his mouth. scores round one 10-9 Payan

Round 2: The fighters touch gloves and Payan goes right to the legs again.  A right headkick from Bravo sends Payan back but does no damage.  Payan just misses with a big right hand and gets smacked on the arm with another high kick.  Payan lands a leg kick and eats a huge right hook and is falling backwards to the cage.  He clinches to regain his composure.  The two break, Payan’s corner begging for him to take Bravo down.  He fakes a takedown and lands a monster right hand that floors Bravo.  Payan is on top landing elbows and punches, trying to finish the fight but slows his pace.  Payan stands up and the fighters are again standing.  Another huge right hand from Payan puts Bravo on his back again and Payan goes in for the finish but again Bravo is up to his feet.  Bravo looks out on his feet, very wobbly.  The referee steps in and calls the fight and Estevan Payan is your winner by TKO.

Estevan Payan def. Michael Bravo by TKO (Strikes) at 4:01, R2

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