Strikeforce Play-by-Play: Daniel Cormier vs. Dion Starin

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Daniel Cormier vs. Dion Starin

Round 1: They touch gloves.  Staring has a low stance.  Staring misses with an uppercut.  Cormier fires off a high kick that’s blocked.  They clinch briefly.  Cormier ties Staring up and slams him to the canvas.  He lands in side control.  Cormier moves to the crucifix position.  Staring scrambles and stands.  Cormier peppers him with punches but Staring gets back to his feet.  Cormier explodes with a flurry.  He lands a combination.  Staring is hurt.  Cormier chases him and takes him down.  Cormier, again, lands in side control.  Cormier lands short but powerful elbows.  Staring rolls and gets back to his feet.  They clinch.  Cormier pushes Staring against the cage.  Cormier takes him down and advances to the mount position.  Cormier lands elbows.  Cormier postures up and delivers punches to the body and head.  Cormier opens up with punches but the bell sounds.  MMAWeekly scores the round 10-9 for Cormier.

Round 2: Staring lands a kick to the body and moves forward.  He presses Cormier against the cage.  Cormier turns him.  They work for position against the cage.  Cormier backs away.  They’re back in the center of the cage.  Staring lands a shot to the body.  Cormier takes him down and stands over him.  He drops down into Staring’s guard.  He advances his position and Staring rolls.  Cormier stays on him and lands a series of punches.  Cormier has his back.  He lands powerful hammer fists.  Staring rolls back over and is mounted.  Cormier lands punches and Staring rolls.  Cormier continues to land punches.  Staring covers.  Cormier stands and lands more punches.   Cormier pours on more punches and the referee steps in to stop it.  Cormier wins by TKO.

The official time of the technical knockout was 4:02 of the second round.

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