Strikeforce Play-by-Play: Benji Radach vs. Ovince St. Preux

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Strikeforce Benji Radach vs Ovince St Preux

Benji Radach vs. Ovince St. Preux

Round 1: St. Preux slams a body kick into Radach’s side early and immediately Radach shoots in for a takedown. St. Preux is able to pop back up and he comes after Radach hard with punches and kicks. Radach gets knocked down and St. Preux is on top of him, looking to sink his hooks in. He flattens Radach out and starts to slam down punches to the head and body. St. Preux absolutely punishes Radach for the remainder of the round, somewhat surprising the fight wasn’t stopped.

MMAWeekly scores R1 10-8 Ovince St. Preux

Round 2: St. Preux drops Radach again to start the second round and again looks to take the back. St. Preux slowing down a bit, but still teeing off on Radach. Radach tries to scramble out, but St. Preux stays in a dominant position, hammering down punches. Radach is able to get up for just a moment, but St. Preux drags him back down to drop a few more punches before the round ends.

MMAWeekly scores R2 10-9 Ovince St. Preux

Round 3: Radach comes out aggressive and lands some big shots on the feet. St. Preux looks like he might be gassing, but that doesn’t stop him from unleashing a huge punch that once again drops Radach, landing him in the turtle position with St. Preux on top. The fighters get back up and Radach is on the attack knowing he needs a finish for the win, but the fight is stalled against the cage. The fighters are separated for a moment, but Radach goes in for another takedown. The referee separates them again, and after a moment Radach again looks for the takedown, and finally gets it with just seconds left in the round.

MMAWeekly scores R3 10-9 Ovince St. Preux

Ovince St. Preux def. Benji Radach by unanimous decision (30-27, 30-26, 30-25)


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