Strikeforce Overeem vs. Werdum Play-by-Play: Daniel Cormier vs. Jeff Monson

Round 1: The fighters tie-up, Cormier reeling off a couple knee strikes before they separate. Cormier is getting off a little bit better with the punches, but Monson rushes into a clinch where little happens before they separate again. This time Cormier unloads with some solid combinations and leg kicks. Monson’s face is starting to get marked up. Cormier dives in with a straight right to the body followed by a left hook and a right kick to the body. He drives Monson back again with a combination of punches. Cormier is taking full control of the fight. Cormier lands a solid combination of a right hook, left uppercut, and then knee to the body just before the round closes. scores round one 10-9 for Cormier.

Monson has a cut on top of his head, which on replay looks like it came from a clash of heads when the two fighter came together.

Round 2: Cormier opens with another successful flurry of punches, picking up where he left off at the end of round one. Cormier is landing frequently, but Monson drives him into the cage and lands a solid punch of his own as they come off the cage. They clinch up at center cage, but as they separate, Cormier lands several solid punches, doing a good job putting his combinations together. They clinch up along the fence, Monson back to the cage, Cormier staying very busy, landing punches to the body and knees to the legs. They separate and Cormier immediately lands a left kick to the body followed by a hard right hand. Cormier has almost completely taken over the fight, giving no openings to Monson. scores round two 10-9 for Cormier.

Round 3: Monson comes out swinging for the fences, knowing he’s down on the scorecards, but eats some from kicks to the midsection. Cormier follows with more punch combinations that rock Monson. Cormier flies in with a superman punch that takes the life out of Monson, although the Snowman keeps fighting. Cormier presses Monson to the fence then backs off with a flurry of punches to the body. Monson keeps coming after him, but Cormier lights him up with another flurry to the face. Monson is somehow finding a way to stay on his feet and keep coming, but this fight is all Cormier, who once again has Monson pressed to the cage. Cormier drives home a hard knee to the body and then tosses Monson to the mat, but waits for him to get back to his fight, wanting no part of Monson’s jiu-jitsu. Cormier keeps popping Monson to the final bell. scores round three 10-9 and the fight 30-27 for Cormier.

Daniel Cormier def. Jeff Monson by Unanimous Decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27), R3

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