Strikeforce: Marloes Coenen Submits Liz Carmouche In Comeback Win to Retain Title

Marloes Coenen

Marloes Coenen

Marloes Coenen scored a come from behind victory in her first title defense, submitting Liz Carmouche in the fourth round of their fight at Strikeforce: “Feijao” vs. Henderson.

Carmouche looked like she was on her way to being crowned the new champ, but Coenen showed resilience and secured a triangle choke for the win.

The fighters started out intense, with both trading leg kicks. Coenen did a good job of countering kicks with straight rights and scored a few times in the first round with that type of offense. The two clinched against the cage, with both fighters getting short strikes and foot stomps in, but the referee felt there was not enough action and separated them. Both fighters did well in the opening five minutes and fought a close round.

Coenen came out for the second round with a bruised right eye. Carmouche rushed her opponent and the two clinched against the cage again. Coenen tried the standing guillotine, but Carmouche escaped and landed in her opponent’s guard. Carmouche stacked up the champion and landed a huge power shot from a standing position. Back to the ground, Carmouche worked in North-South position and controlled Coenen. The Champion was fully mounted by Carmouche in the last minute and the challenger struck her opponent repeatedly until the end of the round.

Marloes Coenen and Liz Carmouche battle at Strikeforce

Marloes Coenen and Liz Carmouche battle at Strikeforce

Carmouche opened up the third round clinching Coenen again. Short strikes were the theme in that sequence. Coenen used some knees to soften up her opponent, but Carmouche tripped her and got the fight back to the ground. Carmouche was able to get full mount on her opponent once again, striking the champion to the face while in that position. The fight stayed in that position for the rest of the round.

Round four had Carmouche attempting another trip takedown, but Coenen was able to reverse it and land in the challenger’s guard. After getting back to the feet for a brief moment, the two went to the ground again where Coenen trapped Carmouche in a triangle while she had her opponent in her guard. The champion retained her title and submitted the challenger at 1:29 of the fourth.

“She will be a future champ someday,” Coenen said after pulling off the comback victory.

While speaking with Mauro Ranallo in her post-fight interview, Coenen talked about her next fight and what she thinks about the injured Miesha Tate, calling out fighter in the process.

“I would love to fight her,” she said about Tate. “Miesha, if you [saw] this, I will come and get you.”