by Tom Hamlin – MMAWeekly.com

Victory was a long time coming for Kim Couture,
and all the more sweet when it arrived at Strikeforce “Destruction.”


In her second professional fight, Couture
steamrolled opponent Lina Kvokov, chasing her around the cage with punches and
knees. Kvokov seemed to want out from the beginning.


For Couture, who’d sustained a broken jaw in the
first strike of her pro career five months ago, Kvokov’s actions didn’t


“I wanted her to come after me,” Couture told
reporters after the fight
. “It was part of my game plan, so it threw me off
a little bit.”


Couture had trained countless hours
on her feet,
trying to prevent the twist of fate suffered on her first outing, she was unprepared to go on the offensive. But she
did, eventually pouring on the pressure.


Kvokov began turning away from Couture almost as
soon as the punches started flying.


“I was just trying to get a clean shot. I felt
that I could knock her out if I could get in there,” she said. “It’s a lot
harder when someone’s turning they’re head away from you. I just wasn’t
expecting that.”


Couture relied heavily on the advice of husband
Randy to get herself back in fighting shape.


“Randy is always telling me you have to train as
intense as you would be in a fight, so to take that intensity level up every
day while you’re in there,” she said. “I don’t think I would be as far along if
I didn’t have that loss.”


Friday night’s performance was something of a
tribute to her husband, who came up short the week prior against Brock Lesnar
at UFC 91.


“If anything, (Randy’s loss) makes me want to go
out there and not feel a loss, and work harder, and especially do it for him, too,”
said Couture

of her pre-fight state of mind.


Strikeforce executive Mike Afromowitz said he’s
happy to have Couture back, though with her busy schedule, she’s not committing
to anything too soon. She plans to put on six shows of her own in 2009, and
will have to squeeze training in between her other business ventures. But for
now, the win was a step on the right track, and a welcome W for the Couture


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