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Muhammad “King Mo” Lawal makes the first defense of his
Strikeforce light heavyweight title on Saturday night at Strikeforce: Houston.
On tap for him is challenger Rafael “Feijao” Cavalcante at the Toyota Center in


And after months of will he, won’t he, what’s happening,
former Strikeforce middleweight champion Jake Shields left the promotion for
the greener pastures of the Ultimate Fighting Championship. His successor will
be crowned on Saturday night.


Battling it out for the vacant middleweight strap are Tim
Kennedy and Ronaldo “Jacare” de Souza.


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"King Mo" Lawal vs. Rafael "Feijao" Cavalcante


R1 – With a touch of the gloves, the main event is under
way.  Cavalcante aggressive, moving
forward with missing big shots. 
Lawal answers with a flurry of his own while Cavalcante is against the
cage.  Lawal picks him up and slams
him to the canvas. 
"Feijao" immediately back to his feet.  They’re tied up against the fence, but
quickly separate.  Lawal in and out
with jabs to the body and then head. 
Cavalcante with a jab. 
Cavalcante with an uppercut as Lawal moves in for a takedown.  Feijao defends.  Cavalcante with a right hand and two
knees to the body.  Lawal with a
jab.  A minute remaining and
they’re standing in the center of the cage.  Cavalcante misses a big right hand.  Lawal carrying his left hand by his
waist.  Cavalcante with a hard leg
kick.  The round ends.  Close round.  MMAWeekly.com scores it 10-9 for Cavalcante


R2 – Cavalcante with an outside leg kick.  Lawal closes the distance and throws
combinations.  Cavalcante does a
good job of defending.  Lawal moves
to a southpaw stance.  Lawal
with  combination and Cavalcante
misses a huge right hand. 
Cavalcante with a high kick and Lawal gets him down.  Feijao stands back up and they
separate.  Lawal wiht three punches
to the body followed by two more. 
Lawal still carrying his hands at his waist.  Lawal continues to work the body.  Lawal winning the striking this round.  Lawal moves in and lands two more body
shots and ties up Cavalcante.  The
round ends.  MMAWeekly.com scores
the round 10-9 for Lawal.


R3 – Lawal eats a combination and looks hurt.  The champ responds and lands a one-two
of his own.  Cavalcante fires back
landing a knee that send Lawal back. 
Cavalcante lands a hook dropping Lawal.  Lawal works for a single leg and takes elbow after
elbow.  Big John McCarthy stops the
fight.  Rafael "Feijao"
Cavalcante is the new Strikeforce light heavyweight champion.


Rafael "Feijao" Cavalcante def. Muhammed
"King Mo" Lawal by KO at 1:14, R3



"Jacare" de Souza vs. Tim Kennedy


R1 – Both careful in the opening moments.  Light exchanges with nothing really
landing.  Souza with a push
kick.  Souza moves in and lands a
combination.  Souza wiht another
right hand.  Kennedy fires a high
kick that’s blocked.  Kennedy
misses with a winging right hand. 
They exchange and both land right hands.  Souza’s stand up looks much improved, winning the striking
to this point.  Kennedy rushes in
and Souza slips.  Kennedy pounces
but Souza gets back up.  Some dirty
boxing inside the clinch at the end of the round.  MMAWeekly.com scores the round 10-9 for "Jacare."


R2 – Kennedy attempts a superman punch, Souza counters.  Kennedy rushes in with a flurry of four
punches at least landing the final right hand.  Kennedy slips while going for a flying knee and immediately
bounces back to his feet.  Souza
lands a counter right hand. 
They’re standing toe-to-two in the center of the cage.  They have a brief exchange.  Souza attempts a double-leg takedown
with a minute remaining.  Kennedy
brushes it off.  They exchanged leg
kicks.  Souza with a push kick to
Kennedy’s face.  Kennedy stalking
his opponent as the round ends. 
Close round.  MMAWeekly.com
scores it 10-9 for Souza.


R3 – Kennedy looking more aggressive in the third.  He moves in launching big shots that
mostly miss.  They clinch and
separate.  Kennedy again unnleashes
a couple of looping punches and clinches. 
Souza circles away.  Souza
wiht a three punch combination but Kennedy has good defense.  One of the punches got through because
Kennedy is cut above the left eye. 
Souza letting his hands go. 
Kennedy losing the stand up and gets a trip takedown.  Kennedy in Souza’s guard with just
under two minutes remaining on the clock. 
"Jacare" kicks him off and gets back to his feet.  Kennedy moving forward but unable to
put together effective offense. 
Kennedy lands a kick to the body as the round ends.  MMAWeekly.com scores the round 10-9 for


R4 – Kennedy with an outside leg kick as we had into the
championship rounds.  Kennedy with
a counter right hand that lands flush, but Souza absorbs it.  Kennedy with another outside leg
kick.  Kennedy with a counter kick
to the body.  Kennedy misses a superman
punch and Souza ducks under looking for the takedown.  Kennedy sprawls and they’re back standing.  Kennedy’s hands low and Souza lands a
right hand.  Kennedy with an
accidental kick to the groin with 1:34 on the offical clock.  After a few minutes the fight is
restarted.  Kennedy goes for a
takedown but "Jacare" defends. 
Light kickboxing for the rest of the round.  MMAweekly.com scores it 10-9 for Kennedy.


R5 – Final round and Kennedy seemingly needs a finish to
win.  Kennedy with a leaping left
hook.  Souza with a stiff jab.  Souza misses with a windmill punch, but
lands a solid right hand counter punch in the next exchange.  Another right hand by
"Jacare."  Kennedy is
bleeding again.  Pace slows with
two minutes to go.  Kennedy over
commits on a punch and Souza clinches. 
They quickly separate. 
"Jacare" gets Kennedy’s back standing but Kennedy breaks free
without being taken down.  Souza
with a right hand on the button. 
Kennedy gets a slamming takedown. 
Close round, but MMAWeekly.com scores it 10-9 for Souza.


Ronaldo "Jacare" de Souza def. Tim Kennedy by
unanimous decision (49-46, 48-47, 48-47)



Gurgel vs. K.J. Noons


R1 – Gurgel with a good right hand and a kick to the
body.  Gurgel aggressive
early.  Noons begins to try and
establish his jab.  Noons with a
combination to the body and the head as Gurgel lands a leg kick.  Half way through the roundit’s an even
fight.  Noons wiht two leg
kicks.  Gurgel answers with one of
his own.  When Noons closes the
distance, Gurgel fires combinations. 
Gurgel went for a takedown but Noons stuffs it.  Noons with a couple of body shots.  Noons lands a left hook and right hand
to the jaw of Gurgel.  As the bell
sounds Noons lands a left hand in a wild exchange knocking Gurgel down.  Gurgel hurt badly.


R2 – Noons with a right hand and left that puts Gurgel
down.  Noons swoops in to finish
and lands an illegal knee as the referee tries to stop it.  The fight is over.


K.J. Noons def. Jorge Gurgel by KO at :19, R2



Lashley vs. Chad Griggs


R1 – They touch gloves and Lashley takes Griggs down
with a double-leg and advances to side control.  Lashley works his ground and pound, mostly right hands as he
attempts to mount Griggs.  Griggs
scrambles back to his feet. 
Lashley doesn’t waste any time getting the fight back to the canvas with
a double-leg slam.  Griggs again
gets up from the bottom.  Lashley
presses him against the cage and before long they’re separated by the
referee.  Griggs times an uppercut
as Lashley shoots in for a takedown. 
Lashley gets it but he ate a big shot in the process.  Lashley bleeding on the chest of the
downed Griggs.  The cut is below
his left eye.  MMAWeekly.com scores
the round 10-9 for Lashley. 


R2 – Griggs looking to strike but Lashley takes him down
with a big slam.  Lashley works
punches to the body and head, but Griggs doing a good job not taking big
shots.  Lashley mounts at the half
way mark in the round.  Lashley
unable to do much from there and the referee stands them up with 33 seconds
remaining.  Doctor called in to
check the cut.  Lashley breathing
heavily, mouth open.  Lashley
shoots and Griggs sprawls and lands hammer fists.  Lashley saves by the bell. 


Lashley quits say the announcers.  Griggs wins! 
Official ruling is referee stoppage.


Chad Griggs def. Bobby Lashley by TKO (strikes) at 5:00,





Main Bouts
(On Showtime):

-Rafael "Feijao" Cavalcante def. Muhammed
"King Mo" Lawal by KO at 1:14, R3

-Ronaldo "Jacare" de Souza def. Tim Kennedy by
unanimous decision (49-46, 48-47, 48-47)

-K.J. Noons def. Jorge Gurgel by KO at :19, R2

-Chad Griggs def. Bobby Lashley by TKO (strikes) at 5:00, R2


Bouts (Non-Televised):

-Daniel Cormier def. Jason Riley by submisstion (strikes) at
1:01. R1

-Andre Galvao def. Jorge Patino by TKO (strikes) at 2:45, R3

-Vinicius Magalhaes def. Rocky Long by unanimous decision

-Adam Schindler def. Kier Gooch by submission (rear naked
choke) R1

-Reynaldo Trujillo def. Jose Santibanez by TKO (strikes) R1

-Chad Robichaux def. Humberto DeLeon by split decision
(29-28, 28-29, 29-28)

-Arteneus Young def. Chad Cook by unanimous decision