Strikeforce Fighter James Terry Out To Prove He’s A Finisher

January 28, 2011

James Terry and David Marshall - Strikeforce

James Terry and David Marshall

After having proven himself on many levels of the fight game, Cung Le student James Terry is ready to prove that he can succeed at the highest level of MMA.

After going toe-to-toe with top prospect Tarec Saffiedine and coming up just short, Terry rebounded with a win over Cesar Gracie fighter David Marshall to close out 2010.

“I think last year was really a growing period for me in my MMA career,” Terry told “I think that the Tarec loss was definitely frustrating for me, but at the same time I try to be positive about it and I grew from that fight and it helped me to establish that I’m a top-level fighter.

“The fight against David, I was able to utilize the confidence I built and my improved stand-up. I was able to showcase that in that fight.”

Terry intends to build off what he learned in those to fights to make the foundation for his 2011 campaign.

“Overall, I’m going to build more confidence and I’m really looking to be a finisher,” he stated. “I feel that I was really close to finishing a lot of fights with knockouts, but unfortunately I haven’t done that.

“I’m looking to be exciting. I want to knock people out in spectacular fashion or submit them. I want to dominate and I’m going to bring it because now is my time to be at my peak.”

Terry’s first test of the year comes this Saturday as he takes on Lucas Gamaza as part of Strikeforce’s return to San Jose, Calif.

“I think he’ll be similar to my last opponent,” said Terry of Gamaza. “Anybody from the Cesar Gracie/Nick Diaz camp is going to be tough. I’ve got nothing but respect for their camp, and I think this guy is going to want a little redemption (for David’s loss).

“I need to make this fight my fight. I’m just going to do what I want to do. I’m not going to worry too much about him or about what he’s going to do to me. I’ve got a solid game plan for this guy and I’m just going to show everybody where it’s at.”

As it currently stands, Terry is taking this fight on a one-off basis with hopes of parlaying it into another multi-fight contract. From there his goal is simple, keep busy and keep moving forward.

“I just want to fight, put on good shows for the crowd, please my coaches and just have fun,” he stated. “I thoroughly enjoy this sport. I love the build-up and the release and craziness that comes with all of it.

“I’m living in the moment and I’m thankful every day that I get to do this. Just line them up and I’ll knock them down.”

Having learned from both defeat and victory last year, Terry now seeks the kind of consistent success that will take him to the top of the welterweight division.
“I want to thank my sponsors: GFY Gear, BR Flooring, Clinch Gear, SCORE Clinic, Key Chiropractic, Solace Chiropractic and Morning Crane Healing Arts Center,” he said in closing. “Come check me out on Jan. 29 – I’m going to bring it.”