Strikeforce Fedor vs. Hendo Play-by-Play: Bryan Humes vs. Gabrial Salinas-Jones

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Bryan Humes vs. Gabrial Salinas-Jones (heavyweight)

Round 1: Salinas-Jones shoots in for a takedown early and Humes easily reverses him and tosses him to the mat. Humes working from half guard dropping elbows and short forearm shots. Salinas-Jones tries to work his way back up but catches punches from Humes for his trouble. Humes gets side control as Salinas-Jones rolls to try and get off the bottom and he’s able to stand up. This time Salinas-Jones shoots for the takedown and puts Humes on the mat. Salinas-Jones is punishing Humes, takes his back, sinks the hooks in and continues the assault, but time runs out in the round.
MMAWeekly scores R1 10-9 Gabriel Salinas-Jones

Round 2: The fighters start in the clinch, but separate after a few moments, both fighters appear to be losing steam. Salinas-Jones shoots in for a takedown, but Humes stuffs him against the cage. The referee separates them after a lull in action. On the feet, Humes tries for a spinning back kick but only glances Salinas-Jones. The fight hits the ground again with Salinas-Jones working from side control and then taking his opponent’s back again. The round ends with the fighters stalemated on the ground.
MMAWeekly scores R2 10-9 Gabriel Salinas-Jones

Round 3: Humes drops Salinas-Jones with a shot to start the third and immediately jumps on to try for the finish, but Salinas-Jones survives and then reverses and grabs onto a brabo choke. A few more seconds and Humes taps.

Gabriel Salinas-Jones def. Bryan Humes by submission (brabo choke) at 1:19, R3

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