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JP Felty vs. John Kuhner

Round 1:Felty looking for the takedown early, but Kuhner able to scramble back to his feet. Kuhner looks to tee off on Felty, but gives up the takedown again. Kuhner working from top control and stays there till the end of the round.
MMAWeekly scores R1 10-9 JP Felty

Kuhner vs. Felty

Kuhner vs. Felty

R2: Kuhner get on top to start the round and fights off an early submission position from Felty. Kuhner works to take his back, and starts looking for a choke. Kuhner then opts to look for the ground and pound. Kuhner just unrelenting with the punishment, and then looks for a choke again and moves back to pounding him. Kuhner rolls and then looks for a triangle choke and Felty is unconscious. Referee should have stopped the fight way, way sooner.

John Kuhner def. JP Felty by submission (triangle choke) at 4:31, R2


Marc Cofer vs. Mitch Whitesel

Round 1:Whitesel gets a takedown as Cofer looks for a reversal. Whitesel has a guillotine choke working from the top and Cofer is trapped and forced to tap.

Mitch Whitesel def. Marc Cofer by submission (guillotine choke) at 3:55, R1


Brian Rogers vs. Ian Rammel

Round 1:Rogers throwing heavy leather with every shot and then opens up a barrage of knees. Rammel looks for the takedown, but Rogers resists. Rogers is stalking Rammel all over the cage, and drops him with a quick 1-2 combo. Rammel pops back up, but Rogers is still controlling the action. Rogers is firing heavy, heavy shots and just missing by inches. Rogers drops Rammel again and hammer fists his way to victory in a dominating performance.

Rogers vs. Rammel

Brian Rogers def. Ian Rammel by TKO (referee’s stoppage due to strikes) at 4:23, R1


Jason Riley vs. Jason Freeman

Round 1: Riley cracks Freeman with a huge shot after a few brief exchanges on the feet. He looks for the finish, but Freeman is able to recover. On the feet this time, Freeman drops Riley with a straight punch of his own, he follows him to the ground and with a few more strikes he ends the fight.

Jason Freeman def. Jason Riley by TKO (referee’s stoppage due to strikes) at 1:52


Jorge Gurgel vs. Tyler Combs

Round 1:Vaughan rushes in looking for a takedown and Gurgel locks in a guillotine choke. Gurgel falls to the mat and Vaughan has no choice but to tap the mat in submission.

Jorge Gurgel def. Billy Vaughan by submission (guillotine choke) at :44 seconds, R1


Roger Bowling vs. Josh Thornberg

Round 1:Thornburg locks up a guillotine choke almost as soon as the fight starts, Bowling slams him to the mat, but he’s still holding on. Bowling is able to slip out and works from the top. Bowling traps an arm and starts to pound away, and Thornburg is able to slip out and get back to his feet. Bowling drops him with a big shot, but again Thornburg is back up again. Bowling just blasting Thornburg with punches and kicks, but Thornburg refuses to go down. Bowling then takes him to the mat and begins his attack again. Bowling looks for a rear naked choke and it looks tight, but again Thornburg slips out and survives the round.
MMAWeekly scores R1 10-8 Roger Bowling

Round 2: Bowling with another takedown to start round 2. Bowling punishing Thornburg to the head and body. The action slows with Thornburg protecting well and Bowling looking for shots, but the referee has seen enough and stands them up. From the clinch, Thornburg gets a trip takedown, but gets on top only for a few seconds before Bowling reverses positions and gets on top as the round closes.
MMAWeekly scores R2 10-9 Roger Bowling

Round 3: Both fighters swinging big punches to start the final round. Thornburg gets another trip takedown only to be reversed yet again by Bowling. In side control, Bowling looking for open shots. Thornburg is able to regain guard, but still underneath the seemingly much stronger Bowling. A few more moments of lulling action and the fight is stood up again. Bowling cracks Thornburg with two more big punches and goes for a takedown, Thornburg has a guillotine choke. Bowling slams him down, but he still has the choke. Time runs out with the fighters on the ground.
MMAWeekly scores R3 10-9 Roger Bowling

Roger Bowling def. Josh Thornburg by unanimous decision (30-27 on all cards)

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