Strikeforce Challengers 15 Medical Suspensions

Strikeforce MMA LogoThe California State Athletic Commission on Tuesday released the post-fight suspensions for Strikeforce Challengers 15: Wilcox vs. Damm.

Several fighters received fairly lengthy suspensions.

Both main event fighters were suspended. Justin Wilcox, who won the fight when it was deemed that Rodrigo Damm couldn’t continue after the first round, was suspended for 180 days for a broken fifth metacarpal on his right hand, unless he gets cleared by a physician. Damm was suspended for 60 days due to lacerations on his left eyelid and forehead.

David Douglas, who lost to Caros Fodor by TKO stoppage in the third round, was also suspended for 60 days due to a hard bout and indefinite concussion.

Striking specialist Scott Lighty was suspended for 45 days due to his TKO loss to Lorenz Larkin. He was also suspended for 60 days due to a scalp laceration unless he gets clearance from a physician. Dual suspensions, such as Lighty’s, are served concurrently.

James Terry was suspended for 60 days or must get cleared by a physician due to a right eyelid laceration in his knockout victory. His opponent, Josh Thornburg, received a standard 45-day suspension due to the knockout loss.

Damian Douglas, who defeated Wayne Phillips by split decision, received a 45-day suspension for a hard bout. Phillips was suspended for 180 days, unless cleared by a physician, due to a nasal fracture.

On the undercard, Anthony Avila received a 60-day suspension for a right eyebrow laceration, and a 180-day suspension for a possible right hand fracture.

Raul Sandoval was suspended for 180 days due to a ruptured distal bicep in his first-round armbar loss to Bobby Escalante.

Tommy Peterson was another fighter receiving a 180-day suspension unless he gets his fractured nose cleared by a physician.