Still No Decision On Which Night the New Ultimate Fighter Will Air on FX

November 28, 2012

The Ultimate Fighter logoThe next season of the Ultimate Fighter on FX will be moving away from Friday nights, but where it will end up remains a mystery.

There was speculation recently that the show would air on Wednesday nights, but just hours after the news was leaked, both UFC President Dana White and FX executives shot down the idea and said no decision had been made.

Now with the new season of the show weeks into production with an expected debut in January, the UFC and FX appear no closer to announcing what night the show will appear on.

“We’re still working on it,” UFC President Dana White said on Tuesday. “We’re working on that with the guys at FX. As soon as it’s ready we’ll announce it. We’re not ready yet.”

The speculation about the delay comes from a couple of different possible places.

The first could be FX’s already packed weeknight schedule if the Ultimate Fighter is staying at its normal 10pm timeslot. FX has original programming already lined up or ready to debut in 2013 for the weeknights on their schedule.

If the Ultimate Fighter shifts to a different time that could solve the problem, but it’s unclear if FX will make that move.

The other possible caveat to the night switch mystery is a counter programming move the network is anticipating once Bellator Fighting Championships announces their new night for live fights on Spike TV.

The promotion will be moving to the former television home of the UFC in January, but they have opted not to announce their night for programming either.

Ultimately, this could all boil down to an old fashioned game of chicken to see which promotion flinches first, announces the night they will air their programming, and then see if the other will make a different move.

Either way, the Ultimate Fighter 17 with coaches Jon Jones and Chael Sonnen will debut in early 2013, with the two fighters facing off in the Octagon on April 27 from New Jersey.