MMAWeekly Radio
(photo courtesy of Spike TV)

Joe Stevenson dropped the bomb on MMAWeekly Radio this week that he will be facing Yves Edwards in a lightweight showdown at UFC 61, which is scheduled to take place on July 8th.

Stevenson and Edwards will be fighting each other at 155 pounds, and they are both coming off losses in their previous UFC bouts. Stevenson was upset by Josh Neer at Ultimate Fight Night in April, while Edwards was upset by Mark Hominick at UFC 58 in March.

So, what did Stevenson learn from his last fight? Stevenson told MMAWeekly Radio that he learned “not to take anyone lightly… you can’t just rely on ability.”

When the joke was made that Stevenson looked fat as a welterweight in the Josh Neer fight, Stevenson replied, “Hey, who’s calling me fat? (laughs) Yeah, I was just depending too much on my Jiu-Jitsu ability. Billy Rush is already kicking my butt here in Utah. I changed some things, like I quit chewing tobacco and stuff. I’m taking things more seriously. I took a long break before my last fight. It will never happen again in a fight, letting myself go like that.”

Stevenson is currently training for the Edwards fight in Salt Lake City, Utah at Jeremy Horn’s gym. Stevenson is training in the high altitute with Horn, Joe “Diesel” Riggs, and John Alessio.

Riggs is fighting this week on the UFC 60 card against Mike Swick, while Alessio is gearing up for his fight with Diego Sanchez, which will also take place on the UFC 60 card in Los Angeles.

Stevenson is looking forward to training this far out from his fight. “I need a kick in the butt and to face a tough guy like Yves Edwards,” Stevenson said. “When they told me I would face Yves, I knew I had to get my ass in shape. It’s going to be a good, tough fight.”