Steven Siler Needs to Defeat the Undefeated on Road Back to UFC

After going through a rough patch the year prior, 2015 was a very positive year for former UFC featherweight Steven “Super” Siler.

Siler was able to not only get his in-cage performance back where he wanted it to be, but also do things outside it to make his career a bit easier.

“I went 5-0 and was able to distance myself from that four-fight losing streak that I was on,” Siler told “It felt good to get back on the winning track. It gave me a confidence boost to get back on the right page.

“I ended up going out and getting a part-time job, which really helped out and made so I wasn’t stressing out about losing a fight and not being able to afford the bills anymore. I was able to pay the bills that way, and fighting has become fun again.”

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After picking up a victory for the promotion during his winning streak last year, Siler (28-14) returns to Titan FC to face Andre Harrison (11-0) for the company’s 145-pound title on Friday in Ridgefield, Wash.

“I’ve been saying all along (that Harrison) should be in the UFC already,” said Siler. “I know how good he is. I know he’s a really good wrestler and has a great camp behind him. My job is to just try to keep it standing or submit him. I have to make sure he’s not able to just lay on me and get the victory that way.

“I have no doubt about it, if he beats me, he’ll be in the UFC. My job is to make sure his dream doesn’t come true and that he can’t take away my dream of getting back to the UFC.”

As Siler mentioned, the goal for 2016 is simple: get back to the UFC.

“After this fight, when I get the win, I should be back in the UFC,” said Siler. “I don’t know if I’m going to be, but six fights in a row basically redeems my loss in the UFC. I don’t think they’ll be able to hold me back after this win and keep me from the UFC.”

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