Stephanie McMahon Torches CM Punk on Monday Night Raw

December 27, 2016

Go ahead and call it the perfect comeback. Much better than “the ocean called and they are all out of shrimp.”

Yes, Stephanie McMahon, in an entirely unscripted moment, killed CM Punk dead, worse than any MMA fighter ever could.

Monday Night Raw took place in Chicago, Punk’s hometown, where the fans love them some CM Punk. The crowd busted out with a “CM Punk” chant at McMahon during her promo. In wrestling, the CM Punk chant is a symbolic chant. When the fans chant it, they are saying they are bored, tired of the WWE booking, and in need of someone authentic inside the ring.

While Punk was submitted at 2:14 of the first round against Mickey Gall, he was the Georges St-Pierre of professional wrestling. He was a multi-time champion and wildly popular with the fans. Then he walked out on the company, unhappy with his direction and push.

So when McMahon hears the crowd chant “CM Punk,” what she really hears is the WWE Universe saying, “we don’t like you.”

Well, McMahon struck back tonight. Brilliantly.

“So if you guys could keep that up for two minutes and 15 seconds, you’d last one second longer than Punk did,” McMahon said.

Wow, an acknowledgment of a former wrestler not on the roster and the UFC, all in one comment.

As Ron Simmons used to say: Damn.

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