Stephan Bonnar kicked out of hospital, yells at police and posts the disturbing videos

UFC Hall of Fame member Stephan Bonnar was recently kicked out of a hospital in Henderson, Nevada and forced to leave the property after causing a disturbance while trying to obtain pain medication.

The 44-year old posted a series of videos to his Instagram account on Saturday showing him being told to the leave the hospital by security after they refused to give him medication. In the first video, Bonnar explains that he broke a vertebra in his back last week while pro wrestling and was prescribed pain medication. That medication ran out and he went to the hospital to see if he could obtain more.

In the second video, Bonnar is outside of the hospital yelling at police officers who were dispatched to the scene. Bonnar gives more details in the second video. Before going to the hospital, Bonnar went to a CVS pharmacy trying to get his prescription refilled. The pharmacy refused and kept his identification and debit card.

Bonnar tells the officers his name and that he’s a UFC Hall of Famer.

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The videos are disturbing. Bonnar is clearly agitated and paranoid. In the comment section, fighters reached out to Bonnar, some pleading with him to get help.

“Praying for you Stephan. Please get some help it’s the only way ❤️🙏,” posted fellow UFC Hall of Fame member Mark Coleman.

Bonnar appeared on the inaugural season of The Ultimate Fighter in 2005. He was narrowly defeated in the finals by Forrest Griffin. The fight is considered one of the greatest fights in UFC history, and one of the catalysts that launched the sport of mixed martial arts into the mainstream arena.

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