Stefan Struve Returning from Heart Problems, Hopes to Fight this Summer

(Video courtesy of Fox Sports)

It’s been a long time since we’ve seen UFC big man Stefan Struve in the Octagon. In fact, it’s been since his loss to Mark Hunt on March 3, 2013, that Struve last fought.

In the time following that fight, it was discovered the Struve had a leaking aortic valve, as well as an enlarged heart. But now, more than a year later, Struve is nearing a miraculous return to the sport he holds so dear, and in which he has shown so much promise as one of the UFC’s top heavyweights.

Perhaps the only thing scarier than what Struve had to deal with, at least for his future opponents, is the fact that he’s going to be coming back stronger than before.

“I was missing about 30-40 percent oxygen rich blood with every heartbeat, so my heart had to work a lot harder than it was supposed to,” he said in an interview with Fox Sports. “With blood pressure medication, they were able to get the chamber smaller again and the opening got smaller and the leak got smaller. My heart is better and I’m in the best shape ever. I feel amazing. I have energy for days.”

Now that he’s returning to full health, Struve has his sights set on fighting again as soon as this summer. And with his health perhaps even better than before, the UFC heavyweight division may want to take note.

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