Stefan Struve Remains Calm Under Fire

February 15, 2012

Stefan StruveDutch heavyweight kickboxing sensation Stefan Struve (22-5) enters the Octagon a new man Wednesday night on Fuel TV.

When Struve meets dangerous brawler Dave Herman at UFC on Fuel TV 1 in Omaha, he plans on showcasing his newfound patience. In past fights, the 23-year-old would lose his composure in big brawls and forget all about his humungous reach advantage.  Against Travis Browne, Struve over committed with a huge knee and paid for it dearly with a devastating knockout loss, eating a superman punch from the undefeated Hawaiian.

Struve believes that Herman poses a similar style to Browne. He will look to correct those old mistakes he made against Browne by remaining calm and letting his technique flourish.

“I just made a stupid mistake of going crazy in there and throwing a knee when he was coming in and I just wanted to start brawling with him a little bit and it was a stupid idea because he caught me with a big punch and I went down,” Struve told MMAWeekly Radio.

Stefan Struve and Paul Buentello“Before that, there was nothing wrong in that fight for me.  He wasn’t touching me.  I was using my footwork and I was using my distance and it sucks even more if you lose a fight like that with the fight with Travis Browne, but I learned a lot from it. I need to stay calm and relaxed.  I don’t get drawn away by the crowd and I don’t get into a brawl or whatever and stay calm on the ground and then I’ll win the fight.”

Now seeing the error of his ways, the six-foot-11-inch Struve knows that he doesn’t have to go crazy and expose himself in wild exchanges. The proof was there as he shone in his most recent fight, against Pat Barry, when he landed crisp combinations on the feet, keeping Barry from finding his range. Struve then finished the fight with a triangle choke.

Riding the momentum of the Barry victory, Struve looks for another spectacular finish, planning again to use his reach to keep Herman at distance and showcases his striking technique at UFC on Fuel TV 1.

“My primary goal is to keep my distance and to use my reach the way I’ve been using it in the gym.  In the gym, it’s been working real well and especially working with a new striking coach, working on my reach and my balance.

“I need to be careful not to get drawn into a brawl because in the past that has cost me a couple of fights.  I need to fight my own fight and pick him a part with kicks and punches.”

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