St. PIerre Plans Trip To Thailand After Penn Fight

Always willing to go the extra mile to learn new techniques, UFC welterweight champion, Georges St. Pierre, is once again about to step up his training as the fighter is planning for a trip to Thailand after his title fight on Jan 31 to work with top Muay Thai fighters from the area.

St. Pierre has famously worked alongside many top trainers and training partners, and has previously traveled to Brazil to train with top jiu-jitsu coaches and athletes. The Canadian star will add to his resume and passport when he makes a trip to Thailand after his fight against B.J. Penn.

“I plan to go after my fight actually,” St. Pierre said about a trip to Thailand. “That’s another thing that I want to do is go to Thailand. After my fight I might also go to France, I have a lot of friends in France and a very good Muay Thai fighter who comes from France.”

“Some of them have come to help me train for this camp, so I’m going to go see them after my fight. They have a lot of good fighters out there.”

St. Pierre recieved his black belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu a few months back and the top welterweight stand-out also holds black belts in several other martial arts disciplines as well.

Still willing to be the student, St. Pierre may just add another weapon to his arsenal when he travels to Thailand to work with some of the top strikers in the world.