St-Pierre Leaves Door Open for Third Bout with Koscheck, Dana White Slams It

December 13, 2010

Heading into “UFC 124: St-Pierre vs. Koscheck 2,” there were a lot of things said by the welterweight champion and the challenger.

Georges St-Pierre at UFC 124 Press Conference

Georges St-Pierre at UFC 124 Press Conference

Koscheck insisted that he would knockout St-Pierre and suggested the titleholder had a weak chin. He relentlessly took verbal shots at St-Pierre throughout the season of “The Ultimate Fighter 12: Team GSP vs. Team Koscheck.”

During the UFC 124 pre-fight press conference St-Pierre fired back.

“It’s going to be two times that I beat him and if he has the same mentality as me, Josh Koscheck, then he has to reconsider (his) career,” said St-Pierre. “Because if he wants to be the best, he’s going to lose two times to me, it’s going to take a long time again before he goes to the title, and maybe never again. So he’s going to have to climb up the ladder a long time.”

Following the rematch on Saturday, Canada’s most popular athlete softened his stance on Koscheck’s future and didn’t rule out a third bout with the American Kickboxing Academy trained fighter somewhere down the line.

“I said if I beat Josh Koscheck there’s going to be no rubber match. He’s going to be done and we’re never going to fight each other again. He’s very tough, and with the performance he did tonight I think he’s still in the top welterweights,” said St-Pierre.

“I may have talked too fast,” added the champ. “Who knows? Maybe a few months, years, maybe he’s going to come back.”

UFC president Dana White was not at all open to the thought of St-Pierre vs. Koscheck 3 ever happening.

“It leaves Koscheck in a real bad position in the welterweight division unless somebody else beats Georges St-Pierre because Georges has dominated him twice. George said it to him at the (pre-fight) press conference, and he was right. He would have had to beat him tonight to ever have a chance,” commented White to a group of media following the UFC 124 post-fight press conference. “He (Koscheck) went in there tonight and he knew he had to win.”