by Ken Pishna
Following his quick loss to Josh Koscheck at Ultimate Fight Night, rumors started flying on the net that veteran fighter Pete Spratt was calling it quits. Not so says Spratt, “What that was, was I did an interview with a local guy and he asked what was next for me in the UFC and I said, right now, probably nothing. And I think he just took it to mean that I wasn’t going to be fighting anymore.”

In actuality, nothing could be farther from the truth. According to Spratt, “I’m actually pretty busy all the way up through November.” His next fight is already scheduled to take place September 10th in Denver, Colorado as he will take a mixed martial arts fight on his manager, Sven Bean’s Ring of Fire show.

And yes, he is sticking with his new training camp with Guy Mezger and Tra Telligman down in Dallas, Texas.

As for Josh Koscheck, Spratt’s not done with him yet either, that is if he has anything to say about it. “He got my back and I let go of his arms to try and reach down and get his hooks out. When I did that, the choke slipped in and it was too late. I’d love to have a rematch with him, but I doubt he would do it. He knows he’s not going to get that lucky twice,” says Spratt.

He has been pretty busy recording CD’s and making movies, but no, Pete Spratt has not retired from fighting. “No, I’m not done yet, man,” reiterated Spratt.