by Ken Pishna
No, it’s not mixed martial arts, but Pete Spratt is stepping back into the ring tonight. He’ll be part of the debut of Chuck Norris’ new World Combat League, a team-based kickboxing league. MMAWeekly’s Ken Pishna caught up with Spratt to talk about the World Combat League, his new school and a few other things…

MMAWEEKLY: I heard you were fighting on Chuck Norris’ new World Combat League. For those that don’t know, can you tell us a little about what the WCL is?

PETE SPRATT: Well, the league as of right now is a 4-team league. I believe each team is 5 men and 1 woman. We fight teams from other cities and will eventually fight for the World Crystal Glove. It’s a modified form of kickboxing to try to attract the casual martial arts fan as well as the traditional martial arts fan. It’s set up like the other major league sports, NFL, NBA, MLB, etc. We will have a regular season, playoffs and then the title. It’s a very interesting concept and we have a strong interest in this league. The official season will begin in May of 2006.

MMAWEEKLY: How did you get involved with the WCL and Mr. Norris?

PETE: Guy Mezger approached me about the opportunity and was pretty excited about the concept, so we just ran with it from there. Guy and I actually got to go to Chuck’s home and talk with him extensively about the league and his vision for the league and trust me, Mr. Norris has got his ducks in a row.

MMAWEEKLY: When and where is the first WCL event?

PETE: [Tonight] at the Dallas Convention Center. It will be Dallas vs. L.A. and Houston vs. Oklahoma City.

MMAWEEKLY: Will this be an ongoing thing for you or a one-time deal?

PETE: This will not be a one-time deal; I am on board for the long haul when this league takes off.

MMAWEEKLY: When’s your next MMA fight?

PETE: I don’t have an MMA fight scheduled at this time and I’m not really looking.

MMAWEEKLY: So, is it safe to say that you are still training with Guy Mezger and the Lion’s Den?

PETE: Yes, I am still at the Den and very happy there! It’s a great atmosphere and it’s like a breath of fresh air for me. Not the daily soap opera drama I had at Janjira Muay Thai. I love working with those guys and to actually be a part of a team that supports each other. When one guy on the team has a fight, all the fighters help out and that’s the type of atmosphere I needed.

MMAWEEKLY: You mentioned that you are opening your own gym; tell us a little bit about that.

PETE: My gym is located in my hometown of Sherman, Texas. I will be training everything I know from boxing to kickboxing to MMA. Even gonna hire Machado, a Jui-Jitsu black belt to teach at my gym as well. I plan on having a fight team and the whole nine yards.

MMAWEEKLY: Is the gym completely your deal or are you involved with any partners or other trainers?

PETE: The gym is mine, but I will have several people coming in. Many of the big names I know will be guest instructors from time to time. I will have Guy, Mo Smith, Saul Soliz, Duane Ludwig, and Yves Edwards coming in, just to name a few.

MMAWEEKLY: As we wrap it up, anything else going on that your fans would be interested in?

PETE: Just fought this past weekend in the A1 World Combat Cup in Istanbul, Turkey. It was Team World vs. Turkey. I fought Turkish boxer Senol Cetin in a 5 round 79-kilo match. I won a unanimous decision. I have been cast to play a role in a drama film with New Era pictures. I just shot a movie called Young Eddie about 2 months ago. That was my first bigger budgeted film. I am also being considered for a role in a film with rapper 50 cent and singer Alicia Keys. I was featured on Phar East’s album called SEC and I am hitting the studio to finish recording my solo album as well. So, I’m staying pretty busy.

MMAWEEKLY: Yes, you are. As always, thanks for the time Pete.

PETE: Any time my man.