Spike Offers Five TUF Fights for Kimbo

Taking their cue from UFC President Dana White, who recently said Kimbo Slice was more than welcome to be a loser on “The Ultimate Fighter” reality show, Spike TV recently released a list of TUF fighters they believe should be the first to introduce Slice to the UFC–or at least its leather glove as it smashes his face.

Here are the former reality show contestants that could put a beating on the bearded one:

1) Michael Bisping
2) Matt Serra
3) Nate Diaz
4) Rashad Evans
5) Amir Sadollah

Commentary on the list pulls no punches, so check it out if you want an entertaining read. It’s not hard to tell where Spike’s allegiances lie. But then again, they’re pretty much spot on. And watching Nate Diaz submit Slice–that would be pure entertainment.