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What a wild day on MMAWeekly Radio. Anytime Crazy Horse Bennett, Phil Baroni and Wes Sims call to check in, it’s interesting enough. Then to have Chris Brennan talk about Joe Stevenson on top of it, made it one of the most interesting radio shows ever.

Crazy Horse kicked off the show talking about his upcoming fight with Jeff Curran, where Charles made a bizarre reference as he promised to “stick my finger up his @$$ during the fight.” Crazy Horse then addressed the thread started on the Underground Forum talking about his battle with the Chute Box team. If you missed the interview check it out on the Radio archive which is up right now.

Phil Baroni then called in and confirmed he is not fighting in Ohio at the Gracie Fighting Championships. Baroni then said he would choke out Trigg with his microphone if he said anything bad about him at the next show. Baroni confirmed he would be fighting in the upcoming Bushido card and talked about the knee surgery he had which affected his last fight.

The moons continued to align as the third person to make an unscheduled appearance was Big Wes Sims. Not to be out done Wes called in and gave his take of the new 2006 Swat tour that he will be starting as well as his fight with Daniel Gracie on March 3rd. Sims of course had some hilarious exchanges between himself and Frank Trigg.

After the three fighters called in, Chris Brennan (who was scheduled on the show) talked about his upcoming fight with Shaolin Riberio and why he feels he will win this fight. He also talked about the No-Gi company and why he is suing a Brazilian company by the same name.

Brennan also said he was offered a fight against Joe Stevenson on the upcoming Ultimate Fight Night card but didn’t accept it because of money and said he was offered five times the amount to face Shaolin in Ohio than he received from the UFC. Brennan felt he should be paid better to face a guy he already had “beat in a minute.” Brennan also discussed why he will never be invited back by the UFC as a result.

Monte Cox also came on and talked about the upcoming King of the Cage pay per view for tomorrow night’s LIVE show from Moline, Illinois in what people are calling the best King of the Cage ever.

Needless to say, if you missed today’s show with FIVE guests, Crazy Horse, Baroni, Sims, Brennan and Cox you might want to check out the radio archive which is up right now. It’s only five bucks a month, you get every single radio show we’ve ever done, (yes the Diaz vs Riggs interview is on there!) our entire video library, and much much more. That’s 16 cents per day people!! Today you will get more inside information on today’s show alone than you can get from any website in the world. Check out today’s show on the radio archive now!