The chant goes Aussie Aussie Aussie Oye Oye Oye.

Fans will need to remember that for Australian born George Sotiropoulos who appears here to stay, as he climbs the lightweight divisional ranks with another big victory on Saturday, winning in a route over Kurt Pellegrino at UFC 116.

Still undefeated in his UFC career, Sotiropoulos has been steadily improving with every fight, culminating with his coming out party at UFC 110 in his home country of Australia as he dominated Joe Stevenson. Many wondered if it was all the energy built up from fighting in Australia, but Sotiropoulos proved he’s not a flash in the pan.

Dropping Pellegrino early in the first round, the Aussie born fighter showed that his stand-up has progressed just as much as his ground game has courtesy of Eddie Bravo.

“We had some scrambles on the ground, on the bottom, I could see he was open, I was catching him with a lot of punches, jabs, a lot of hooks and crosses, and when I dropped him in the first I thought I’d be able to finish him,” Sotiropoulos said after the fight. “I could tell he was dizzy, I saw his eyes roll back a couple times.”

Sotiropoulos stayed aggressive, but Pellegrino battled back well to stay out of any further trouble at that moment. Unfortunately, it was much of the same for the rest of the fight with Sotiropoulos winning the exchanges on the feet, and using his rubber guard to negate any of Pellegrino’s attack on the ground.

With just seconds left in the fight, Pellegrino had his best moment, catching Sotiropoulos with a big knee that dropped the Aussie, but the clock expired before he could unload any more damage. The win, his seventh in a row, puts Sotiropoulos right in the mix of the top contenders of the UFC’s 155lb weight class.

“All I’ve got to say is who’s next?” said a confident George Sotiropoulos after the win.

Sotiropoulos will likely move on to a top ten fight in his next match-up as he tries to move closer to the peak of the lightweight division.