Solo Hatley sets sights on UFC or Bellator by year’s end as he heads into LFA 67

When it comes to his win over Jerrod Jennings at War in the Cage to kick off his 2019 in March, featherweight prospect Solo Hatley Jr. is pleased with the victory, but feels that he could have done better.

Though he was able to pick up his third finish in five victories, Hatley was hoping to have closed out Jennings sooner than he did in the fight.

“It kind of went how I figured it would go,” Hatley told “I’m kind of disappointed (I finished him) in the third (round) and not the first.

“I try to finish my fights in the first two rounds. I’m not one of those people who say they like long fights and all of that. I always try to finish my fights as quickly as possible.”

The win over Jennings was Hatley’s fifth in a row. It’s a streak that he feels has come about due to the work he’s been able to put into training.

“It’s a combination of things, but mostly my coach has been spending a lot of time with me, working on specific things, also my work ethic – nobody works harder than me,” said Hatley.

“One thing about me, when I get ready for fights, I don’t want to lose, so I train as hard as I can to prevent that from happening. I don’t ever want to say I lost because I didn’t train hard. If I lose, it’s because the dude is better than me.”

On Friday in Branson, Missouri, Hatley (5-1) will look to pick up his sixth straight win when he faces TeeJay Britton (5-1) in an LFA 67 main card featherweight fight.

“The only thing I know about TeeJay is from what I’ve heard; he’s a wrestler and he’s tall,” Hatley said. “That doesn’t really bother me. He’s not the first tall dude that I’ve fought, and probably won’t be the last.

“The only (other) thing I can really tell you about him is that he’s going to lose, and that’s about it.”

For Hatley, the goal he looks to achieve before the end of 2019 is to make a move up to the next level.

“My goal for this year to get signed either to Bellator or the UFC,” said Hatley. “I’ll just keep working hard, keep training and achieve that goal this year.

“I don’t really want to be one of those fighters who has 15 fights before going to the UFC. Each fight takes a toll on you. That’s not what I want at all. Hopefully after this fight some doors will be opened for me.”