So Far, Jorge Gurgel Living Up To New Year’s Resolution

Jorge Gurgel submitting Billy Vaughn

Jorge Gurgel submitting Billy Vaughn

After a couple years of inconsistency, Strikeforce lightweight Jorge Gurgel may have finally turned the corner with his 44-second submission victory over Billy Vaughn this past Saturday in Columbus, Ohio.

“I was pretty much just so shocked,” Gurgel told “I haven’t had a quick finish in a long time.

“I felt a little unsatisfied feeling, which is wrong of me for training so hard and it ending so quickly, but actually I learned a good lesson – that’s how a fight actually should be.”

Gurgel had gotten away from his superior grappling skills in favor of slugfests over his past few fights and it has cost him. He feels he has learned from those mistakes and that people will see the type of fighter he should be.

“My perspective completely changed after my last August fight (against K.J. Noons),” admitted Gurgel. “I learned I have to go in there and take it from my opponent. I train harder this way, I’m more focused this way, and I want to go out there and finish people.

“The whole entire (strategy now is to) get in, get out, and win with taking no damage.”

Gurgel was able to apply his newfound strategy perfectly against the usually punch-happy Vaughn this past Saturday.

“Before I could give him a chance to throw a punch I guess I missed the right hand and we tied up,” said Gurgel. “He stayed on me and he wouldn’t let me off whatsoever, so I did just a little lift check into a guillotine and that’s all she wrote.”

So far, a promise Gurgel made to himself at the beginning of the year is holding true.

“My wife and I made New Year’s resolutions and one of mine was to become a smart fighter and to win fights however I had to,” he commented. “I want to put a (winning) streak together.

“I’m following everything to the T. I’m prepared, I’m healthy, and I’m doing circuit training to become more explosive. I’m going to keep pushing (myself), keep myself in shape, and wait for Strikeforce to call.”

Speaking of Gurgel’s wife, Bellator women’s 115-pound champion Zoila Frausto (now Zoila Gurgel), she won her first fight of the year on the same night he did by earning a unanimous decision over Karina Hallinan in Lemoore, Calif.

“She is the true champion of this family,” exclaimed Gurgel. “She’s an amazing athlete, and she was the one who had to break camp and leave all of us and get a brand new cornerman the day of the fight. Not many people do that, especially being a world champion.

“She had to get used to Mark Dellagrotte and Paul Bowers, who had never worked with her before this camp. But she went out there, and from what I heard, it was a one-sided beating.”

Having gotten back on the winning track and made the changes needed to be consistently successful; Gurgel’s best years may just be ahead of him.

“I want to thank my school, students, and my wife for all their love and support,” he said in closing. “Thanks (as well) to Billy at Ayash Inc.,, Mark Briscoe, and Mike Ferguson at Powerstation.

“My fans follow my every step and so I don’t have to tell them to keep their eyes open. I just have to tell them thank you and I appreciate them from the bottom of my heart and they mean the world to me with their support.”