by Damon Martin – MMAWeekly.com
Revenge can be a motivating factor in any fight, but for Arizona Combat Sports fighter Aaron Simpson, he’s not letting payback get in the way of a win this Monday night when he faces Tom Lawlor at UFC Fight Night 20.

In July 2009, Lawlor got the best of Simpson’s teammate, C.B. Dollaway, locking on a guillotine choke that left the former Arizona State wrestler unconscious at just 55 seconds of the first round.

While Lawlor has never been a fighter to call out or talk down to anybody, there is still a sense of pride in the wrestling community, and Simpson, who not only fights beside Dollaway now, served as his coach in college, knows that a little payback is in order.

“C.B. even said something, he said he wants me to go and pay him back for him and take care of business,” Simpson told MMAWeekly Radio recently. “I’m not a revenge type guy, I’m just going out there and fighting another opponent.”

Known for always having fun before and after his fights, Lawlor is well liked in the MMA world for his funny antics, but Simpson isn’t worried about being comedic. He’s more than happy to be the king while Lawlor is the court jester.

“I know (Ryan) Bader is friends with him kind of. They were on the show together, and he likes him. I think a lot of people like Tom. I think he’s kind of the funny guy in MMA, and that’s fine,” Simpson commented. “All that stuff’s going to be thrown out the window when it’s time to fight, there’s no funny inside the Octagon.”

Business as usual seems to be the strategy for Simpson heading into the fight. He won’t be distracted by entrances or the weigh-ins, where Lawlor has been known to put on a show. It’s all about the win for Simpson, and that’s something he knows the fans will appreciate.

“He will get fans and he will have people cheering for him, and that’s great. I’ll be the underdog, I’ll be whatever, it doesn’t matter,” Simpson said. “Bottom line is getting your hand raised, and beating someone like Tom Lawlor. He’s 6-1. He’s a good opponent for me. He’s a tough fighter.”

Aaron Simpson will take his shot at Tom Lawlor Monday night on Spike TV as the UFC operates its first event from Virginia, and on a Monday night for the first time in the promotion’s history.