by Damon Martin – MMAWeekly.com
It could be the biggest fight in UFC history.

It could break all the records.

And according to UFC president Dana White, everyone keeps asking for it, so he might just have to give it to them.

The longstanding fight fans have been asking for is to see widely regarded pound-for-pound king Anderson Silva match up with the fighter closely nipping at his heels for the top spot in UFC welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre. The fight has been brought up to White for years, and both camps have expressed interest.

Silva’s manager, Ed Soares, says the Brazilian champion is all about big fights, and that means bringing in whoever is going to present the biggest challenge.

The biggest question surrounding the potential mega match-up right now is what weight class the two fighters would face off at? Silva rules the 185-pound division, while St-Pierre is a multi-time welterweight champion.

“First of all, I think to protect both champions, I think it’s smarter to do it at a catchweight possibly, but who knows? Anderson… I don’t think he could. Maybe he could, I’m not sure, make it down to 170. I think it’s much easier and more likely that Georges goes up to 185,” Soares told MMAWeekly Radio recently.

Silva has fluctuated in weight a lot over the years. The one-time 167-pound champion in Shooto, Silva fought at 175 pounds when for Rumble on the Rock, at his natural weight class at 185 pounds, and has also made a couple of appearances at 205 pounds, knocking out both James Irvin and former UFC light heavyweight champion Forrest Griffin.

Soares doesn’t rule out Silva’s freakish ability to put on and take off weight, and believes that the potential dynamite of promoting a two weight class champion could be just the formula that gets the superstars in the Octagon together.

“Could Anderson do it? He probably could,” Soares commented about Silva. “It would be interesting. It would be a great promotion. If either one could make each other’s weight class, it would be a great promotion to be the first guy holding two belts at the same time.”

When it comes to Silva’s career, it’s all about the big fight, and Soares isn’t in the business of turning down opportunities for his fighters.

“Tell GSP to make weight, we’ll be waiting,” Soares said simply.

Both fighters are occupied presumably for the rest of 2010 with Silva facing Chael Sonnen in August, and St-Pierre defending his belt against Josh Koscheck most likely in December. If both are victorious, the clash of two of the best ever in MMA could be the biggest fight in UFC history.