by Damon Martin – MMAWeekly.com

Anderson Silva is widely considered the best pound for pound fighter in<br /> the world right now, but the current Ultimate Fighting




Silva is widely considered the best pound-for-pound fighter in the world right
now, but the current Ultimate Fighting Championship 185-pound titleholder
remains one of the most respectful and humble champions in the sport’s history.


With a
fight upcoming with the last ever Pride 183-pound champion, Dan Henderson, it
is Silva once again who always takes the high road and speaks nothing but
praises for his next opponent.


Henderson is one of the best fighters,” said Silva. “He’s proved that in many
fights with many great guys. He’s got a totally different game, but it’s a
great game. It’s going to be a very good fight and it’s going to be an honor
to fight Dan Henderson, especially in the UFC, which is the biggest event. Dan
Henderson has a great game, but it’s a different game than mine. It’s going to
be an honor.”


debuting in the UFC, Silva has gone 5-0, finishing all of his opponents within
the first two rounds of action.


Now, Silva
will look to unify his UFC championship with Henderson’s Pride title… an
achievement that eluded the Brazilian in his time with the former Japanese
juggernaut organization.


“Dan was a
great champion in what used to be the biggest organization and I’m now the
champion in what is the biggest organization nowadays,” he stated. “I think
unifying these two belts is going to be historic.”


While many
fans and critics are quick to point to Silva’s dominance and label him the best
pound-for-pound fighter, he again stays humble and understands what he needs to
do to live up to those expectations.


“I’ve got
my feet on the ground, (I’m) pretty down to Earth. I know the rankings come
and go,” commented Silva. “The fight with Dan Henderson is going to be in the
history books, it’s going to set a new standard for MMA, and it’s going to
change my future and Dan’s future.


“Since I
won the belt and all of my other fights in the UFC, I have a lot more responsibility
on my back. I have to watch what I do. I have to watch my training, because I
want to prove to people why I’m here, why I’m the champion.”


into the fight, Silva has been bombarded with questions on how he will deal
with Henderson’s strength, which is an attribute the fighter has long
controlled in many of his own fights.


“I’ve been
training every day for that,” he said about Henderson’s strength. “I train to
overcome my goals and overcome my opponents, and Dan Henderson’s strength is
one of his strong points. I’ve just been watching my game plan to get away
with that and get around that by overcoming his strength.”


has also been quoted as saying that he welcomes a fight from Silva that
involves his legendary clinch, but the champion remains focused on what got him
to the championship in the first place.


“I’m going
to continue doing what I do best, which is my Muay Thai,” Silva said with
confidence. “Even though I’ve been training a lot of jiu-jitsu, I still have
to maintain my Muay Thai because that’s what got me to where I am and that’s my
strong point.”


of the hype and intensity going into this pivotal middleweight match-up, it is
Silva who quickly points out that walking into Columbus, Ohio, the UFC
middleweight title is his and walking out he plans on having the belt just the


“The belt
is just the outcome of my work and for as long as God allows me to keep the
belt and for as long as I train to keep the belt, I’ll keep it.”