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Some people said it couldn’t be done. Anderson Silva has made his name in Japan with Pride, as well as Pride’s farm system if you will, in Cage Rage. Many thought he would not fight outside of that organization but it appears he will.

MMAWeekly.com reports that Anderson Silva has just signed a contract with Rumble on the Rock for their upcoming tournament on January 20th. Silva most likely will face tough Japanese fighter Yushin Okami in the first round of the tournament.

Here is the projected card now that Anderson has signed for Rumble on the Rock on January 20th from the Blaisdale Arena in beautiful Honolulu, Hawaii.

Rumble World Grand Prix
Anderson Silva VS Yushin Okami
Jake Shields VS Dave Menne

Charuto Verissimo VS Carlos Condit
Ronald Jhun VS Frank Trigg

Other matches on the card
Butterbean VS TBA
Cabbage VS TBA
Ross DA Boss VS Jason Von Flue
Scott Junk VS Myles Tynnanes