by Joe Pawlus (Photos by Thomas Michael Rozdzynski)

(Photos by Thomas Michael Rozdzynski – ThruMyEye.com)


HAMMOND, Ind. – Binion’s Horseshoe Casino welcomed
EliteXC and Showtime to The Venue Arena for a full night of mixed martial arts
action on Friday night for the latest edition of the ShoXC Challenger Series.


In the main event, the much younger and bigger Dave “Pee
Wee” Herman made short work of Kerry "The Meat Truck" Schall, as he
advanced his record to an undefeated 12-0. Herman came out of his corner with
his hands at his waist and spent some time testing his reach advantage with
jabs, short punches, and front kicks. Although Schall landed a few big strikes,
they did little to faze Herman, who kept advancing on his opponent. Herman
eventually made it to the clinch and unloaded a handful of devastating knees,
which earned him the knockout within the first few minutes of round one.


“I knew if he caught me with a punch he could knock me out,”
Herman said after the fight. “He’s a great fighter and I knew I had to play it


Also on the main card was local brawler Jason Guida who
faced off against Poland’s Mamed Khalidov. Despite taking Khalidov to the mat
in the first round, Guida spent the time defending heel hooks and knee bar
attempts. When they stood back up, Khalidov launched a relentless attack that
seemed to take the fight out of Guida. Despite being gassed, Guida made it to
the second round.


It was all Khalidov in round two. Whether the fight remained
standing or went to the ground, Khalidov controlled the action with non-stop
strikes. Guida’s fatigue was obvious as the ref had to put the round on pause
to find Guida’s mouthpiece. After finally locating the mouthpiece, Guida
refused to take it and ended up throwing it into the audience. Guida’s corner
finally shoved it into the fighter’s mouth, and the fight continued. Khalidov closed
the distance and sent a flurry of punches to Guida’s face causing the referee
to stop the fight at 4:53 of round two.


EliteXC also put together a great undercard event with a
fistful of honorable mentions.


The first fight of the night featured renown welterweight
striker Deray Davis versus a tough John Kuhner. Kuhner controlled the entire
first round by taking Davis down and climbing on his back. From there, he
continued to rain down strikes and came close to securing a rear naked choke.


Davis held his composure and carried the fight into the
second round. After landing a huge head kick to start the round, Davis wrestled
Kuhner to the mat where he took control of his opponent’s back. After a few
minutes of dropping elbows and punches, Davis set his hooks and closed the
fight with a rear naked choke halfway through the round.


The featherweight division produced an exciting match-up
between Jared “The Spider” McMahon and Olympic wrestling contender Jacob Hey.
After taking a few big shots from McMahon, Hey decided his best option would be
on the ground. However, Hey was powerless to stop the slick jiu-jitsu of
McMahon. After surviving a guillotine attempt, McMahon made the transition
easily to side control. From there he moved to Hey’s back and sank the rear
naked choke halfway through the first round.


“I was expecting him to be more aggressive, to have more
ground skills… but it just wasn’t there,” McMahon stated. “I knew he was a
really good wrestler so I was prepared for more difficulty on the ground.”


Alexander Shiemenko and Robert McDaniel went toe-to-toe from
the starting bell. Shiemenko was getting the short end of the stick, constantly
being mounted and attacked on the ground, but survived long enough to land a
flying knee at the end of round one. The knee caught McDaniel in the ribs,
which crumpled him to the floor. McDaniel was unable to answer the bell for the
second round.    


-Dave Herman def. Kerry Schall by KO (Knees) at 2:52, R1

-Mamed Khalidov def. Jason Guida by TKO at 4:53, R2

-Anthony Laplesy def. Mike Stumpf by Majority Decision, R3

-Alexander Shiemenko def. Robert McDaniel by TKO at 4:59, R1

-Lyle Beerbohm def. Rafaello Oliveira by TKO (Due to Cut),

-Matt Jagers def. Orville smith by Unanimous Decision, R3

-Jared McMahon def. Jacob Hey by Submission (Rear Naked
Choke) at 3:13, R1

-Jeff Cox def. Jay Ellis by Submission (Guillotine) at 1:00,

-Tiawon Howard def Johnny Hughes by Submission (Rear Naked
Choke) at 3:42, R1

-Josh Barnes def. Jeremy Norton by TKO at 2:38 or R1

-Deray Davis def. John Kuhner by Submission (Rear Naked
Choke) at 2:32, R2