by Taro Kotani, MMAWeekly.com
MMAWeekly was live at the recent Shooto “Back to Our Roots 6” event in Japan. Following is a recap of the round-by-round action:

R1: With Lion trying to attack with his striking skills and Toida trying to take the fight to the ground, both fighters looked a little tentative to open the fight. Lion started to land punches in combination with his kicks. As Toida jumped in to him, attempting to pull him to the ground, Lion landed a clean right.

R2: Lion continued his attack with his strikes, but Toida was the aggressor in the second round. Literally fighting to get Lion to the ground, Toida tried numerous takedowns. At various occasions, he almost had hold of Lion’s ankle for a leg submission.

R3: Looking a little out of gas, Toida’s attempt to fight on the ground was unsuccessful. Lion looked winded as well, but it was he who took control of the fight from the ground. He had back control and looked to submit Toida with a rear naked choke.

Winner: Lion Takeshi by decision 3-0 (26-30, 27-30, 27-29)

R1: Nakakura and Endo both looked to attack on their feet with a series of punches and kicks. Nakakura’s left hook caught Endo right in the jaw and he went down early. Then he pulled Endo into his guard and tried for submissions from the bottom position. Nakakura had excellent control throughout the first round.

R2: Endo switched his strategy by taking Nakakura to the ground, but it did not pay off as Nakakura escaped from the guard and took him to the ground with a tackle of his own. Though he was taken down, Endo continued his energetic attack by looking for arm bars from the bottom position.

R3: Nakakura took command of this round with his ground techniques. After taking down Endo, he slid over to take the mount. After throwing down a series of punches, Endo tried to escape by rolling his body, but Nakakura instead moved over to take back control. Nakakura looked for a rear naked choke, then ankle locks, but was unsuccessful.

Winner: Takashi Nakakura by decision 3-0 (30-26, 30-26, 30-26)

R1: Both fighters kept a furious pace of punches, kicks and knees with neither looking to take the fight to the ground.

R2: Same style as the first round, both fighters striking at each other at full strength. Takaya looked for kicks to Carvalho’s body constantly, but Carvalho calmly handled his attack. Carvalho countered with a series of punches at Takaya as he started to lose his balance. Takaya struck back with a strong right hook that landed to the chin.

R3: Takaya calmly tried to take command of the fight with low kicks and as soon as he saw Carvalho slow down, he went on a tear. He threw a series of punches in Carvalho’s face. As Carvalho was unable to retain his position during the onslaught, the referee stopped the fight.

Winner: Hiroyuki Takaya by TKO

R1: Mitsuoka took control of the fight early by taking Hansen down. Hansen hung on for a half guard. Mitsuoka’s attempt to pass the guard came up short, but at the same time Hansen’s attempts to sweep were unsuccessful.

R2: Hansen comes out forcing the action, taking down Mitsuoka easily. Having side control, he looked to strike at Mitsuoka. After Mitsuoka escaped from the guard, he caught Hansen on a guillotine choke. Hansen scraped Mitsuoka’s arm around his neck, but Mitsuoka still had control.

R3: Similar start as the second round as Hansen took down Mitsuoka. But Mitsuoka swept Hansen and came up with a better position for himself, but found himself stuck in the half guard of Hansen. The fighters switched positions once again with Hansen on the side, but he could not capitalize with any strikes or submissions.

Winner: Eiji Mitsuoka by decision 2-0 (29-29, 30-28, 30-29)

R1: BJ opened the fight aggressively with punches and he once had back control while Dantas was standing, but was unable to complete the submission. Dantas looked to attack on the ground, aggressively attempting to tackle.

R2: Dantas appeared determined to take the fight to the ground. He opened the second round with a one-legged tackle and a takedown. BJ tried to strike from the ground, but Dantas’ lengthy body gave him trouble. Though the two weighed in at 60kg, BJ gave up approximately four inches.

R3: Dantas once again controlled the fight on the ground following a takedown. After throwing punches from the side, he tried to submit BJ with an arm triangle choke. BJ barely escaped from the choke, but could not counter with attacks of his own.

Winner: Eduardo Dantis by decision 3-0 (30-28, 30-28, 30-27)

R1: These two fought in a grappling match about a month ago with Fujii hanging on for a slim victory with a score of 2-0. This time in an MMA match, the upper hand still belonged to Fujii. Aggressively attacking with her punches in the beginning, she quickly took the fight to the ground with her tackle. She continuously smothered Takabayashi with strikes on the ground.

R2: Fujii continued the onslaught with her punches and groundwork. She was almost in position for an armbar at the end of the round, but time ran out.

Winner: Megumi Fujii by decision 3-0 (20-18, 20-18, 20-18)

R1: Sugawara looked to take the fight to the ground, trying to neutralize Somdet’s superb Muay Thai skills. Sugawara scored the takedowns, but Somdet countered with triangle chokes from the ground and almost submitted Sugawara on one occasion. Even though Somdet could not complete the submission, it was obvious that he was not just a Muay Thai fighter.

R2: Somdet continued to push the tempo with his striking and tackles. He was very much in control of the second round. His combinations of punches, kicks and tackles had Sugawara off balance and shaken up at the end of the round.

R3: The referee stopped the contest as Sugawara’s damage was severe and he was unable to continue the fight.

Winner: Rambaa “M16” Somdet by TKO

R1: Heavy punches were thrown in both directions as the two light heavyweights began the contest. Silva looked to control Yozen by trying to get the underhooks, pushing him to the corners.

R2: More of the same in the second round. Silva combined his punches with tackles looking for takedowns. With this strategy, Silva took down Yozen on three occasions.

R3: Silva continued his punch-tackle combination, as he did in the previous round. He came up successful in taking down Yozen, but in this round, Yozen attempted to submit Silva with armbars and triangle chokes from the bottom. Silva maneuvered his body preventing any kind of submission as he took control of the fight.

Winner: Leandro Silva by decision (30-27,30-27, 30-27)

R1: Both fighters opened up looking to strike with jabs and low kicks. Hayate’s counterpunch with his right caught Ishiwatari. As Ishiwatari lost his balance, Hayate took the fight to the ground. Hayate quickly shifted gears and tried for strikes on the ground, but was unable to pass half-guard. After Ishiwatari escaped from Hayate’s attack, he was determined to take control of the fight as he threw punches and kicks making Hayate concentrate on defense.

R2: Continuation of the end of the first round with Ishiwatari forcing the action with strikes. He eventually struck at Hayate’s chin with his knee. Hayate lost control of his body for a second as the referee split the fighters for an eight count. Hayate retained position during the count, but was unable to make any significant attacks.

Winner: Shintaro Ishiwatari by decision 2-0 (20-18, 20-18, 20-17)

“Lion” Takeshi Inoue def. Katsuya Toida by Unanimous Decision
Takashi Nakakura def. Yusuke Endo by Unanimous Decision
Eiji Mitsuoka def. Joachim Hansen by Majority Decision
Hiroyuki Takaya def. Antonio Carvalho by TKO, R3
Eduardo Dantas def. Shinichi “BJ” Kojima by Unanimous Decision
Megumi Fujii def. Kyoko Takabayashi by Unanimous Decision
Rambaa “M16” Somdet def. Masaaki Sugawara by TKO, R2
Leandro “Batata” Silva def. Masashi Yozen by Unanimous Decision
Shintaro Ishiwatari def. Hayate Usui by Unanimous Decision