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While their new camp is not ready yet, Mauricio “Shogun” Rua, Andre<br /> "Dida" Amade, Murilo "Ninja" Rua and Mauricio<br /> "Veio" Amade

While their
new camp is not ready yet, Mauricio “Shogun” Rua, Andre "Dida" Amade,
Murilo "Ninja" Rua and Mauricio "Veio" Amade are training
in a Tae Kwon Do gym near their houses. It’s a good space for boxing, Muay
Thai and wrestling.


to the athletes, they will move to their brand new gym in Curitiba in about two
or three. MMAWeekly will be there when the gym opens.


This new
team was formed by former Chute Boxe athletes who weren’t very happy with the
system and some other things going on within the Brazilian team. All four
trained under supervision of Master Rafael Cordeiro and Master Rudimar Fedrigo
who gave them their Muay Thai Black Belts, but now have decided to follow their
own path and together they are UDL – Universidade da Luta (translated
in English to Fight University).


spoke with Shogun, Dida and Veio in this exclusive interview to talk about the
recent move and plans for the new gym.


Shogun, tell us how
do you feel about these recent changes in your life?


Shogun: This is a whole new life for me. It’s
a whole new kind of training; it’s a new era. Our training is completely
planned now. We have here Alejo Morales who was the Cuban wrestling coach for
17 years, we have now Mauricio "Veio" coaching Muay Thai and we are training
lots of Jiu Jitsu. Now our coaches talk to each other and they plan our
practice according to our needs. So in fact we are training more, with more
quality than before and that’s what we want to do, to improve.


Since Ninja is in
the U.S right now, lets talk about your next fight in Ultimate Fighting
Championship. What do you know so far and how is your health and injuries?


Shogun: Murilo Rua is in the U.S to help a
friend who will have an important match and I think I will be fighting in April
or May, but next week I think the right day and the opponent will be released.
About my injuries, I am 100%. I just came back to training and now its just


What are your
thoughts about Chute Boxe?


Shogun: I don’t keep any hard feelings from
Chute Boxe or any of my ex-teammates, but we saw that if we try this new path,
we will be more successful with more preparation and better training.


Mauricio Veio you
were living in Canada and you had about 300 students and now you are here at
Curitiba again, is this what you want?


Veio: For me it’s a professional
evolution. I was very happy with this invitation. When Shogun and my brother
Andre Dida called me to invite me to get part of this project I was very
excited with the opportunity. We all have a huge potential and I believe a lot
in them and I really believe that we are going to be world champions.


You were invited to
be the Muay Thai Coach in this new team called UDL (Universidade da Luta),


Veio: Exactly, and we have in Canada
another camp which also is UDL and our athletes will have the opportunity to go
train there and our Canadian athletes will have the opportunity to come to
Brazil and train here. In the coming weeks, some athletes from Canada are
already coming to Curitiba to train with us.


About the structure
of UDL, is it already done or will we have to wait more to see the new


Veio: We are almost there. It’s pretty
much ready for the opening show and we hope MMAWeekly can be with us in some
days again to cover our training.


The UDL Team is a
brand and gym. How does this work? Who is the owner of the UDL brand?


Veio: It’s basically divided between me,
my younger brother Andre Dida, Shogun and his brother Murilo
"Ninja" Rua. We form like a board direction, any decision has to pass
through everybody. 


Andre Dida, do you
still have a long-term contract with Hero’s in Japan? How is this change working
for you?


Dida: I am very happy. In fact, this is
the time I am training most in my entire life. All the training is high quality
and I am learning a lot. In fact, I am training a lot of Jiu Jitsu, which I
didn’t train so much. I am ready to learn more. I will be a student forever and
as long I have my team with me, I will learn forever.


I have my
next fight in March and I hope I can represent Brazil like I represented


About UDL,
we have a lot of new athletes here, and some others are coming to work with us
and soon some big names will be released to the press.


About your next
fight, do have any names of possible opponents?


Dida: Well, my manager Ersílio doesn’t
know the name yet, but I am training a lot to face whoever they put in front of


Is UDL opened to
new athletes, students and normal people who just want to get in shape or will it
only be a camp for professional fighters?


Dida: UDL will be a camp opened to all
kinds of students, from beginners to advanced, and just like my brother
Mauricio "Veio" said, for an athlete be part of the UDL he must pass through
me, Shogun, Ninja and Veio, and we want to grow together. If you want to be
part of this new project, send us an e-mail to