by Tatame Magazine
Mauricio ‘Shogun’ Rua was recently interviewed by our friends at Tatame magazine. (interview by Eduardo Ferreira, translation by Ricardo Alonso):

Tatame: What really happened to your arm? What did the doctor say?

Shogun: I came into the fight with tendinitis in both my elbows, and during the takedown when I hit the ground my elbow dislocated. I ended up with a dislocated and fractured elbow and some torn ligaments. I just did an MRI but the doctor is still examining the results. We’ll soon see if I’m able to take off this sling next week and start doing some sort of physiotherapy to recover soon.

Tatame: You hadn’t fought since the final of the Middleweight GP in August of 2005. During that period you did seminars, took some time off, and commemorated the title. Do you think this negatively affected your preparation? How much time did you spend training for Coleman?

Shogun: At no moment did those factors negatively affect my preparation. I rested a little bit after the GP and then I returned to help Vanderlei prepare for his December 31st PRIDE fight against Ricardo Arona. After that I spent two weeks in the Unites States doing seminars, and I trained hard for three weeks to face Coleman. I was in my best physical condition, and for the first time I did not need to cut weight for a fight. I always have to lose about 10 kg (22 pounds), but I didn’t need to lose anything this time. I don’t think my injury happened because of my preparation, it was just an accident. I was certain that I was going to do a great fight with him, but I was unfortunate.

Tatame: Do you think you could have done something to defend the takedown?

Shogun: For sure, but during that moment everything happened very fast. When he got one leg I even started to sprawl so that I could pull out, but he got my other leg, leaving me without my base, and I landed on a bad angle. I saw that there’s a lot of people criticizing me, saying that I don’t know how to defend the takedown, but I think it’s just envy from the people who don’t like Chute Boxe and our unity. By the way, I’d like to leave a message for all my fans, can I do that?

Tatame: For sure Shogun, go right ahead…

Shogun: I wanted thank all my family, the Chute Boxe family, and to all my fans for all the support that they always give me. It’s them who make me strong enough to beat all the difficulties and conquer all of my objectives. It’s them who pass on to me that positive energy to realize all of my dreams. That’s what I wanted to say. I just wanted to thank all of them very much.

Tatame: After the fight, did you all run into Coleman at all?

Shogun: We ran into him and he tried to apologize, but we did not accept. Master Rudimar (Fedrigo) then took me to the hospital because I was in a lot of pain, and I didn’t see what else happened after that. But it looks like more chaos almost happened outside the ring. The adrenaline in the ring is incredible, but he said a lot of foolish things after the fight and showed no class in the ring.

Tatame: Do you want a rematch against Coleman?

Shogun: For sure I want a rematch against Coleman. When I am recovered from my injury, I will train with that fight as my aim.