Press Release courtesy of Shine Fights
Shine Fight Promotions (Shine Fights) phenomenal card, Shine 2: American Top Team vs. The World, will now be available to the whole world as a live pay-per-view stream. Via www.shinefights.com, fans worldwide will now have the ability to watch the event live from the convenience of their computer on Friday, Sept. 4, 2009, at 8pm EST/5pm PST. Facilitated by Audio Eye, Inc., provider of live and on-demand pay-per-view interactive solutions, the quality of the online broadcast will rival any high-quality television feed.

With a NEW LOW price point of $9.95 for the live stream, the event is an affordable world-class option for home or business use. From the guys sports night or a bar and grill “Friday Night Fights” promotion, Shine 2 is the perfect streaming start to Labor Day Weekend 2009. The feed will be available up until the day of the show, but the presale ends on September 3. Residents in South Florida will be unable to receive this feed due to the proximity to the event.

As one of the most anticipated fight cards in Miami history, Shine has proven its ability to put together world-class cards and now the ability to distribute the feed to MMA fans worldwide. The live pay-per-view streaming option is a new service that Shine will begin with the American Top Team vs. The World card and extend to all future Shine Fight Promotion events. The feed will boast both an English and a Portuguese commentary option with notables like Dorian Price servicing as an English color commentator and Jorge Gurgel as the Portuguese color commentator and in-cage interviewer.

“It was very important to us that Shine 2 is exposed to as wide an audience as possible,” says Devin Price, CEO of Shine Fight Promotions. “With a card as stacked as this it would be a travesty to not provide another mechanism for fans seeking to watch the event live that cannot be in physical attendance.”

A glance at the bouts include: Roan Carneiro, Jorge Patino, Ryan Healy, Luiz Firmino, Falvio Alvaro, Jean Silva, Marcus Aurelio, Brian Fuery, Junior Assuncao, Herbert Goodman, and Micah Miller, making this the most stacked card of world-class athletes to ever hit Miami.

Roan “Jucao” Carneiro was one of the Ultimate Fighting Championship’s rising stars when he entered the promotion in April 2007 against Rich Clementi at UFC Fight Night 9. That bout resulted in a hard fought unanimous decision victory that showcased his hardnosed style. A loss to Jon Fitch two months later was then redeemed by a win over B.J. Penn protégé Tony DeSousa and then back-to back losses to Kevin Burns and Ryo Chonan. The last loss sent Carneiro out of the UFC and his first return to the cage is now within Shine Fight Promotions. Having battled some of the best fighters in the world, Carneiro is ready to get back on the road to redemption.

Jorge “Macaco” Patino defines the word MMA veteran battling professionally since 1995. From the inception of MMA, Patino has been in the mix battling within the vale tudo (anything goes) circuit in Brazil. From the outset, Patino began his career with nine straight wins with six of the nine captured in the first round. Making his debut outside of Brazil in the UFC, Patino fought Pat Miletich for the Lightweight Championship at UFC 18. What ensued was a whirlwind tour that took Patino to Japan and all over the continental U.S. where he maintained his reputation as an elite fighter.

Current fight card:
-Jorge Patino vs. Roan Carneiro
-Ryan Healy vs. Luiz Firmino
-Flavio Alvaro vs. Jean Silva
-Yves Edwards vs. James Warfield
-Pete Grimes vs. Junior Assuncao
-Anthony Morrison vs. Micah Miller
-Herbert Goodman vs. James Brasco
-Phil Friedman vs. Brian Fuery