by Damon Martin – MMAWeekly.com
Today at the hearing held by the California State Athletic Commission to hear the appeal cases of several MMA fighters and boxers, UFC lightweight champion Sean Sherk and StrikeForce middleweight Phil Baroni were both granted continuances by the commission for a hearing to be held in October.

Sherk was granted his extension based on information that he has requested from the commission regarding his case but has not yet received yet, as also the commission has not received the info either. Sherk’s case will be heard in October instead.

Phil Baroni was also granted an extension for the same hearing to take place in October.

Ken Pavia, Baroni’s manager, spoke on the fighter’s behalf and stated to the commission that they are appealing the validity of the lab result.

Pavia stated to the commission that they conducted several of their own tests following the positive test by the California State Athletic Commission and did not have a positive result for steroids.

Pavia’s argument was that if the original tests were valid for the levels that Baroni tested for then a subsequent test should not show an absence of the drug altogether due to the half-life of the steroids that were apparently in his system at the time of the original test.

Both cases will be hear in another hearing to take place in front of the commission in October.