Shannon Knapp discusses how Invicta FC is handling the coronavirus pandemic

March 27, 2020

Following the conclusion of the March 6 Invicta FC: Phoenix Series 3 event, company president Shannon Knapp was in the unique position of not having to immediately cancel events due to the coronavirus because her promotion wasn’t slated to have another event until the end of May.

Speaking to in self-quarantine from her home, Knapp talked about the status of Invicta during the coronavirus pandemic, her promotion’s relationship with its fighters, and how things are around the area of Invicta’s headquarters. Firstly, Shannon, give us the current status of Invicta FC and what’s going on with you and the promotion.

Shannon Knapp: Our next show is scheduled for May 29, so over here, in a way, it’s kind of been business as usual, only for the fact that we didn’t have a show booked right away. So that gives us some time to sit back and see what’s going to take place and how this thing rolls out, and what we’re going to do.

I’ve made other preparations. I cut my salary in half to be able to maintain and go through this. As things started to change, I took some proactive measures to make sure that I can keep my people in place without any issues or problems.

(As we get closer to May 29) I will take the approach that as things continue to roll out and things happen with that and listen to the guidelines and things like that; we’ll make the decisions as we get closer to that day. If we miss that date, we will find a way to make that date up. What about when it comes to the fighters on Invicta’s roster?

Shannon Knapp: My biggest concern is for the athletes and their families right now. I want to make sure that everybody is okay, safe, everybody’s home. I have a policy that they can all call me at any time if they want to talk or need some reassurance. That’s something I have a very open-door policy for.

I would encourage my athletes at this time if they do have questions or are concerned or they’re bored, my door is always open, or my phone line is always open, so certainly reach out. First and foremost, as always, it’s all about the athletes, and of course the fans, as well. I will always error to the side of safety, it’s my nature.

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Shannon Knapp: In the county I live in, Johnson County here in Kansas, we have the highest rate of confirmed cases (in Kansas). Non-essential businesses (are closed) and stay-at-home (has been enacted) and stuff like that.

I think the community is coming together and rallying together to really stop (the spread of the virus). Our governor (Laura Kelly) has taken great steps to try to get on top of this and stop the spread, and I think that’s hugely important.

All the way that I was driving (to check on my mother recently) I kept seeing all the truck drivers. Truly I hope somebody gives a shout-out to these guys because these guys are what’s keeping everything going too. It is important to me to shout-out to everybody that’s on the front lines doing their part; the people at the grocery stores who are working who have their families at home too. Thanks for taking time out for us, Shannon. Is there anything you want to say in closing?

Shannon Knapp: There is good out of the bad and I would encourage people to take a look at that. Hopefully it can help with morale and make this a little bit more palatable at the moment.

The way I look at it is that we’ve been knocked down but not knocked out. We will be back stronger than ever. We’re working on a lot of exciting things. I think we can come out of this and make up for time lost.

For everyone out there, whether you’re a fan or not of Invicta, whether you’re my athlete or not my athlete, be safe. Listen to what doctors and professionals are saying and take care of your family. I wish everybody the best. Together we can beat this thing.