by Shane Carwin – special to MMAWeekly.com

This week, I’ve really been amazed and grateful for the support
I’ve been getting in our community. 
I have some of the most amazing fans and this week has been a strong reminder
of that.  Here at home, and even on
the road, I have encountered the best fans that MMA has to offer.


Everywhere we go, people in town are stopping me to wish me
good luck.  There are months of
sacrifice that go into getting ready for a fight; a lot of blood sweat and
tears pour out in the privacy of our gym. 
I really do appreciate the fact that you recognize my efforts.  Thank you to the great fans of this
sport because without you I wouldn’t be where I’m at.  Not only that, but you are what injects this sport full of
the energy I thrive on.


This has been about the toughest training camp I can
remember.  In the last two weeks, I
have had the following people come through our camp: Keith Jardine (who is
preparing for a fight), Georges St. Pierre, Rashad Evans, and James McSweeney.  They all bring a different perspective
and skill set to help me elevate my game to the next level.  The ring experience between them, the
guys at my camp and my trainers are pretty much unparalleled in this sport.


On top of these incredible competitors we had Nate Marquardt
and Cody Donovan fighting the 21st – and both were victorious – and
then Brendon Schaub and myself fight in about two weeks.  To say it has been intense in the gym
would be an understatement.  

Our gym is truly top notch and I’m proud to be part of it.  No egos, just a bunch of great pros
getting ready to take their careers to the next level.


I have had the UFC in my house for a few days filming the
Countdown to UFC 96, along with FIGHT magazine the week before.  I’ll be on the cover of FIGHT in March,
so let me know what you think! In addition, my new firm is keeping me busy with
interviews.  It is a struggle to
find that balance, but I suspect it only gets more hectic the higher you go in
this sport.


For me, the media is one of the ways to stay in touch with
the fans, so I work hard to do all the interviews and answer all the questions
and notes I can.  I am busy, but in
all honesty there would be no UFC 96 without the fans, so I want to do all I
can do to interact with them.  I
have even recently launched my very own social networking site and we are
working on a jewelry line as well. 

I am humbled by all of the great fans and athletes I have had the luxury
of being around.


My job as an engineer is going great.  One of the projects I am working on is installing
a new 16″ water main extension for the district. Everyone probably knows, we
are in a rural area in Northern Colorado, and there are a lot of new dairies
going in.  This is the reason for
the new water main extension.  Good
for our economy and good for our business as well.  It’s amazing when you think that the dairy farms use as much
water as they do, it’s actually the equivalent of a small town.  As you can see, both of my jobs are
mentally challenging – just in different aspects.


Thanks a
lot for your time and I will try to get a couple more blogs up before the
fight.  You guys are the best, and
if you get a chance visit my website at
www.shane-carwin.com.  Thanks to Warrior Wear, Grudge Fight Wear, Zappos, my
wife, son and my trainers.  Lastly
big thanks to
Jason Genet from Magnetic Marketing Associates.