by Jeff Cain – MMAWeekly.com

Ultimate Fighting Championship heavyweight contender Shane
Carwin doesn’t think his UFC 111 bout with Frank Mir should be for an interim
title, but understands why the UFC made the fight for a belt.


“As far as the interim belt, Brock is back, so it’s hard for
me to understand that.  The champ
is fighting.  He’s fighting this
summer,” Carwin
told MMAWeekly.com
.  “I just
think that interim belt is confusing to the fans a little bit.”


Carwin and Mir were slated to vie for the interim
heavyweight championship while current titleholder Brock Lesnar suffered from a
serious case of diverticulitis. He has since recovered from the malady and is
expected to return July 3, headlining UFC 116.


“I realize they announced that before Brock was planning on
coming back.  I guess they didn’t
know the exact situation with him, so it’s understandable that they did that in
the situation that they were in. 
It’s probably pretty hard to reverse that,” said the 35-year-old


Carwin’s been scheduled to face Lesnar on
two different occasions, but the match up has yet to materialize.  He must get through Frank Mir at UFC
111 on March 27 to obtain a unification bout with Lesnar in July.


Despite much criticism leveled at Lesnar, Carwin has a
positive take on the former WWE star.


“I think Brock is good for the sport.  He brings a lot of attention to
it.  Sometimes it’s good and
sometimes it’s bad.  The more
publicity that he brings to it, the new fans that he brings to it just opens a
broader range of people to the sport, and that’s good.”


Not focused on Lesnar, Carwin added, “I’m just excited to
get in there and fight Frank.” 


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as he prepared for UFC 111.)