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Ken Shamrock spoke with MMAWeekly, one-on-one, just 24 hours before his fight tonight with Tito Ortiz. So, how was the former UFC champ feeling the night before his fight? Well, he appeared calm and relaxed, and he had a lot to say. “I’m gonna go out and win [the] first round, I’m gonna go out and win [the] second round, and I’m gonna go out and win [the] third round,” said Shamrock.

When the topic of his age came up, Shamrock said, “I’m 42 years old, and I have been blessed to be 42 years old and still have the abilities that I have… and my age is not going to be a factor in this.”

Ken also spoke with MMAWeekly about:

-How he feels 24 hours before his fight

-The Ultimate Fighter 3 and how he was portrayed on the show

-How he’ll approach the fight differently the second time with Ortiz

-Will this fight settle the bad blood that he has with Ortiz?

-The incident at the weigh-ins with Tito, specifically why there was controversy and what the controversy was

This video interview is almost 15 minutes long and offers a good look at the legend before his rematch. You can check it out right now in the MMAWeekly TV section.