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Frank Shamrock was today’s featured guest on MMAWeekly Radio. Shamrock did not pull punches when talking about Cesar Gracie, the current state of the UFC and Rich Franklin. You can hear the show daily at 9am Pacific/12 Noon eastern Monday through Friday, it’s absolutely free at www.mmaweeklyradio.com

Shamrock said that Gracie is better at jiu-jitsu in this fight but that he has the “anti-jiu jitsu style” that will be very affective in Friday Night’s Fight. Shamrock also gave his thoughts on Rich Franklin as a UFC Champion and who is better between Dan Henderson and Rich Franklin. If you missed the show check it out on the Radio Archive right now.

MMAWeekly’s Ryan Bennett and MMA Fighter Frank Trigg, host the show daily and talk about the issues going on in MMA. Today Shamrock did not pull punches about the current state of the UFC and he had some choice names for UFC President Dana White.

If you missed yesterday’s shows, his opponent, Cesar Gracie was the featured guest. Gracie talked about why he can win the fight against Shamrock. If you missed the show, click on the Radio Archive and you can listen to the conversation. Speaking of Gracie, he is also featured on MMAWeekly TV and you can see how his training looks for this fight on MMAWeekly TV