Shamrock Says He Prefers Tito Ortiz After Diaz

With his focus now turned directly at Nick Diaz in anticipation of their April 11th main event fight on Showtime, Frank Shamrock told MMAWeekly Radio recently that if he had to pick between Cung Le and Tito Ortiz for his next fight, he’d prefer the “Huntington Beach Bad Boy.”

“I think I’d be up for Tito just because I think there’s a time limit on that match,” said Shamrock. “Both with Tito’s fame and his body, and also for me. I love Cung, he’s a great guy, but frankly I made nothing on the pay-per-view, and financially it wasn’t a big money maker. He doesn’t have the personality that gets over, he’s just a difficult guy to promote. He looks like a great guy.”

The time factor is the biggest reason Shamrock feels that a rematch against Ortiz makes more sense if it gets put together, but he doesn’t deny that having a fighter who will promote the fight the way Ortiz can makes a big difference on the back end when it comes to money and fan fare.

“We’re in the business of sports entertainment and we’re all entertainers. We just happen to fight,” Shamrock stated. “If you’re not entertaining both in the fight and leading up to the fight, you’re not a good entertainer, and there’s a lot of fighters we have that are not good entertainers. Unfortunately, Cung falls into that category.”

Ortiz is currently still recovering from back surgery, but has said in the past he believes he will be ready to fight again in mid-2009. If a deal can be made to put the two former UFC champions together in a rematch, it could be a super fight that could garner major numbers for either Showtime or CBS if Strikeforce promotes the bout.

Shamrock also knows that the rematch against Cung Le is bound to happen, but he’s not rushing it for now.

“I’m not worried about Cung,” said Shamrock. “We’ll try to get him in this year and if not I’ll get him in next year.”