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Ken Shamrock talked publically for the first time since his fight with Sakuraba and some new details were revealed. Ken talked about many things in the 20 minute interview including a petition he filed, plus he had a message for all the MMA fans.

Shamrock told MMAWeekly Radio “To the fans, the ones that are on my side I appreciate it. And even for the ones that are against me, you have that right. I understand your feelings, but just look at the fight and understand the magnitude of the two fighters that are competiting. This was the main event. Could you imagine if they stopped the Don Frye fight I had after the shot he landed early in that first round? The fans and I would have missed out on a great fight. I don’t blame Pride or Sakuraba. I think it was just a quick stoppage…”

Shamrock had plenty to talk about in the interview as he discussed…

– The beginning of the fight and what his strategy was
– If he really was knocked out
– Why he turned his back in the fight
– Why the referee should not have stopped the fight
– Why Sakuraba shouldn’t be happy with the result
– Talked about the petition he filed
– What is in the petition, what may come out of it
– If he believes there will be a rematch
– Discussed his future with or without a rematch
– Talked about if the tables were turned if there would be an early stoppage
– Talked about what the referee said to Ken after the show
– What Sakuraba said to Shamrock directly after the fight
– What Sakuraba’s corner told Ken after the fight and more…

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