Strikeforce middleweight champion Frank Shamrock, in a recent interview with MMAMadness.com, made strong allegations towards his brother, Ken Shamrock, saying that he had done steroids his whole life.

“Why do you think that his mind is so fried? Why do you think he crumbles before the big fights? He’s got no psyche,” said Frank in the interview. “He let steroids give him a false sense of security and the moment that stuff is gone, he’s no longer superman. He’s just a regular man, but without all the hard work and without all the belief in himself that a regular man would have if he got up to that point. He’s the only guy that I’ll tell on, because he’s always in trouble anyway.”

Frank also estimated that he believed approximately 50% of the fighters during his peek time in the sport were using performance enhancing drugs, and now the number is likely higher.

In a statement from Ken in response to his brother’s allegations, he strongly denies the statements made by Frank towards him and the MMA industry.

“During a recent interview with MMA Madness, Frank stated that I have used steroids ‘my whole life.’ In making such a reckless and irresponsible statement, Frank has attacked my character. As such, I unfortunately find it necessary to respond to his allegations. I’m not sure what his motives were, but Frank’s allegations are absolutely false.”

He continued, “Our sport has policies in place to deter steroid use and to weed out the guys that, as my brother says, ‘…are taking shortcuts to gain fame.’ I have been subjected to mandatory steroid testing countless times and I have never tested positive for steroids, nor have I ever refused a test. Furthermore, my experience has always been that the promoters and fighters willingly comply with the drug testing mandated by the various Athletic Commissions.”

Ken also went on to point out that the Nevada State Athletic Commission has always administered steroid and drug testing for licensed fighters and has recently added short-notice testing during times of non-competition.

“For Frank to state that a majority of fighters use steroids and that the promoters do not care, or that they somehow condone the use of steroids, is unbelievably irresponsible,” stated Ken. “It tarnishes the image of every fighter and promoter in this industry. The comments Frank made about me and about the industry itself are based purely on his personal opinion, not on facts.”