Shameless MMA Radio: Diaz Bros. Taking UFC to Task, Cyborg’s Rousey Rants, and Danny Mainus

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Shameless MMA Logo on White-478x270On this edition of Shameless MMA, Matt Sierra and Conner Cordova guests include Danny Mainus, who faces off against Isaac Colon on this weekend’s Fight to Win Animals card in Denver. We also talk with Xyience about their awesome Power To Win program.

Topics include Cris Cyborg questioning Ronda Rousey‘s willingness to jump weight for Gina Carano, Chris Weidman’s effect on the UFC, and how the Diaz Bros. are shedding light on the lack of pay in the UFC.

(The Tommy Toe Hold Show recently had a very funny take on the Diaz Bros. recent uprising… check it out here!)

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