by Damon Martin – MMAWeekly.com
From humble beginnings to championship aspirations, Kamal Shalorus could be one of the most inspirational fighters to ever step foot in the WEC cage.

Growing up in Iran, Shalorus lived on a farm with his family, where they had little and could afford even less. The war torn country feuding with neighboring Iraq was just part of everyday life for Shalorus growing up.

Moving to Turkey and then Great Britain, it was a long trip for the Iranian wrestler to finally make it to America just a few years ago where he began to train mixed martial arts.

Fast-forward to June 20, 2010, and Shalorus will battle Jamie Varner, and if he’s victorious he will likely get a shot at the WEC lightweight title later this year. As humble as he is great, Shalorus plays everything down, and simply compliments his opponent as if he’s the most dangerous fighter in the world.

“Jamie is a very, very dangerous fighter,” Shalorus said. “He’s a very good striker, good wrestler, and I so much want this fight, and I think this is going to be the biggest challenge for me.”

Shalorus has been a part of a couple WEC cards already, but this will be his first main event. The Iranian born fighter actually was a part of the 2004 British wrestling team that went to the Olympics, so pressure is something he’s used to, and this fight is no different than any other.

“For me a fight is a fight. I’m ready for any fight,” Shalorus stated. “(I’m) the same mentally. I’m super ready, 100 percent.”

For a fighter with only seven professional bouts to his credit, Shalorus carries himself like a chiseled veteran, never backing down from a challenge, and seemingly knowing the right way to approach any given situation. While his wrestling credentials are impeccable, Shalorus has also learned to throw a mean punch, and facing Varner he says he may have even developed a few new strategies.

“Jamie Varner is a great fighter, and (it’s) an honor for me to fight with Jamie. I love his style of fight, but I’m super, super ready for this fight. I have so (many) surprises in this fight,” Shalorus stated.

If the surprises work and his record remains perfect following the fight, it looks like Shalorus’ next challenge could be against Ben Henderson with the WEC lightweight title on the line. Again, like a fighter who has been fighting all his life, he’s ready for the challenge.

“After this fight, I’m looking for a title shot, and I’m ready for that,” said Shalorus.

The primary goal for now though is get past Jamie Varner on Sunday night, and then get the title shot.