MMAWeekly TV & Jeff Cain
Transcribed by Jeff Cain

After “The Voice of the Cage,” Jeff Weller, appeared on MMAWeekly SoundOff Radio expressing his view that the Dan “The Beast” Severn and Shannon “The Cannon” Ritch rematch in Hawaii was a work, many people wanted to SEE for themselves whether it was legit or not in the Backyard Brawl section of MMAWeekly TV.

It was the first show for Extreme Wars X-1 with the main event featuring Dan Severn vs Shannon “The Cannon” Ritch. The DVD is also available right now that features:

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For the first time ever you can watch the fight everyone is talking about on MMAWeekly TV right now. The story took on a life of its own. The following is the interview that started the controversy with the voice of the cage, Jeff Weller. Watch the video right now on MMAWeekly TV.

Ryan Bennett: Jeff, interesting weekend in Hawaii.

Jeff Weller: You could call it that Ryan.

Bennett: The one thing Jeff, I know about you is the fact that you always call it straight. That’s why I want to talk to you about this whole situation. You were a little disturbed by the show this weekend in Hawaii, the X-1 show. Tell me why.

Weller: Because Dan Severn’s a pig. That’s why. You know? He comes over there, and he rolls a work with Shannon Ritch, and it was just complete, you know, complete unprofessional bullshit.

Bennett: So what happened? Bottom line, Severn is facing Shannon Ritch, what is this, the second time they’ve fought?

Weller: Yeah. That work they did up in Alaska. I call them the Work Squad. You know, no disrespect. I mean Dan was a great fighter in his day. He’s way over the hill, and he’s just basically collecting his paycheck on all these promoters that he feels are, you know, are going to be one offs. I mean, but the thing is these guys in Hawaii are really straight shooters, and they’re going to be doing other shows, so he picked the wrong guys to roll this work on.

Bennett: So bottom line the promoters of that show, they feel the same way that you do?

Weller: I can’t speak for them. I can only speak for myself, and…the referee that was working the show…we’ve all talked about this. I mean it was as plain as day. I mean it was insulting Ryan. I mean you’ve got Tank fighting Cabbage over there really go down for the bigger shows, and then you’ve got this coming into town. I mean it was disgraceful. It was a real slap in the face.

Bennett: Jeff take me through this fight. Now for those who don’t know, Jeff introduces the fighters. He is ‘The Voice of the Cage.” So what happened in this fight?

Weller: Basically I told…the referee two weeks before the fight, as soon as I saw Shannon Ritch on there, I said he’ll key lock him in less than two minutes of the second round. Sure enough, 1:09 in the second, he key locked him. Basically all it was, was you know poor wrestling, throwing Shannon around. He tossed him across the ring not once, but twice. I mean who’s going to do that? Then he puts him in a full mount. He can rain anything he wants down on the smaller man, and he’s like, you know, not doing nothing. I mean it was the worst. I mean it was like high school wrestling promotion. I mean it was garbage. The other thing is they TBA’ed Dan’s weight, but he was probably about 255. Shannon’s about what? A buck eighty, a buck eighty-five. I mean what’s up with that? I mean the whispering. It was bad. Bad. Bad for MMA. Bad for MMA.

Bennett: So these guys were whispering? I mean this was just like a pro wrestling match calling moves ahead of time?

Weller: Basically they know each other so well, or they had it scripted. They were just rolling with it. I mean to a trained eye a work is so obvious. I mean the crowd. I mean the tape doesn’t lie. Lets put it that way. All I’ve got to say to anybody that refutes what I’m saying, and what the crowd saw, is all you’ve got to do is look at the tape. I mean the tape don’t lie. You know they’re going to have to live with this.

Bennett: Let me ask you. You mentioned the crowd, so how was the crowd reacting to this whole thing?

Weller: Kind of like they wanted to believe that it was Dan Severn of the past, but as the whole thing unfolded they could see that it was just candy asses. They were just candy assing each other, and it was a complete, you know, a complete work. I mean when it was over, when he key locked, the crowd, I looked at them, they were like what the hell? It was very anticlimactic, not even a good rouge. It was just bad. It was just bad for MMA, and that’s exactly what MMA does not need. You want to go see something like that? Go see the WWE, and see the real guys do it…Just look at the tape. OK? I’m not creating this for some headlines for the weird guy with long hair i.e. me. You know what I’m saying? I’ve been down for MMA for ten years now. I started at UFC 7. I know I’ve had my ups and downs, but you know I’m now the MMA vivigilantenbsp; You know? Where there is corruption and works I will, you know, I will expose it. It’s bullshit.

Bennett: So this promotion, it’s their first show correct?

Weller: Yeah, but they’re really cool guys Ryan, and I’ve got to throw props out to these guys. These guys treated everybody like gold. They brought everybody in. They paid everybody well. I mean they gave Dan Severn 7Gs. 7gs. I mean that’s a good payday in modern day MMA especially for 1:09 in the second round of a work. I mean there’s a lot of fighters out there who could really use that money. What Dan’s problem is, is he’s not looking in the mirror and seeing somebody who should be, you know, an ambassador to the sport, i.e. like a retired baseball player. No. He’s hooked on the money, and he’s just thinks he’s pulling the wool over evevery body’syes. Why don’t he just fight someone at the Gladiators Challenge? It will be the same thing, but it won’t be Shannon Ritch. It will be some other tomato can.

Frank Trigg: You mean like a retired baseball player like Pete Rose?

Weller: You know what? I put him in Pete Rose’s league right now. You know? Unfortunately without 3000 hits. In other words deny, deny, deny, oh yeah I did it. You know? It’s like come on Dan you’re better than that. You won the Ultimate Ultimate. You were really something. Hang it up. Stop doing this. I mean the dude, he’s like the Jethro of works. It’s just bullshit.

Bennett: [laughs] The Jethro of works?

Weller: He’s a cross between Eddie Mercury and Jethro at his point.

Bennett: Weller’s harsh.

Trigg: He’s a gay hillbilly? Wow.

Bennett: [laughs] Jeff let me ask you, who are the promoters of X-1? Who are the promoters?

Weller: The gentleman’s names are Chad and Mike, and they have a company called Platinum Entertainment, and they’re good dudes man. They came at this, they wanted Tiger to fight Dan, and then Tiger got injured, and so all of a sudden here comes the Work Squad. Just for the record I’ve got no personal beef with the Shannon, you know and Dan…but come on guys. Get with it man. I mean you guys want to play fantasy camp, do it on somebody else’s dime, not the hard working MMA fans who paid their hard earned money to sit there and watch the crap.

Bennett: So Jeff, the promotion, do you feel they’re the ones going to get the bad rep from this whole thing?

Weller: No, and that’s why I’m doing this, you know, because those guys are cool guys. They had the best intentions. They put out good money. They worked hard. I mean you know Ryan in the last ten years I’ve worked for every nickel and dime cacarnyustler in the game, and I know when sosome body’seart is true, and when it’s not. These Hawaiian guys are straight shooters. These are real guys that just got, they got looped a little bit.

Bennett: Why did they put it together though because like you said Jeff, I mean obviously, I look at these two guys, they’re in two entirely different weight classes.

Weller: Because Dan wanted it. That’s premeditation. Dan wanted it. OK? Because of the Alaska thing. He felt comfortable, and Dan will say look my thigh. I got kicked. I have a bruise. Shit. You can kick me in the balls for 7Gs. I mean get real with it old man. I mean what’s up?

Bennett: Where does this go from here?

Weller: Dan needs to retire, or basically, you know, he just needs to stay with Gladiators Challenge, and King of the Cage, and just be a Jethro prop for them until he kills over. I mean there’s nothing there man. The guy hasn’t done a straight fight, do you realize I did his work that he did at the WEC, and I talked to Reid about it yesterday. Reid Harris, the promoter for the WEC, he’s like yeah, he’s like you can say it. He goes man they ran that work with Travis Fulton, and every since then until now Dan gets his money up front, and then the promoter gets a work. I mean maybe some of these buyers know what they’re getting, but a lot of them don’t. They think they’re buying history, and a big name. WoWhoa’m going to sell my sow off Dan “The Beast” Severn. Yeah sure. You’re going to get a key lock less than two minutes in the second round every friggen time. He does not want to get punched in the face. OK that’s part of the game. That’s like being a jockey and not getting on the horse. Give me a break.

Bennett: Jeff when will X-1 do another so do you think?

Weller: We are working toward September. You know I came in and melded with these guys. I busted ass for two days. I mean everything from tuning the PA. I’ve got to say, the Blaisdale, the people that work there, Allen, good people. You know the Hawaiian fans, good fans. I mean Hawaii is a really good place to do shows…It’s a cool vibe. It’s a good thing, and these guys are going to bust off again in September, and they, like all promoters, are going to pick it up, and it’s going to be that much better, you know, because there’s not going to be any Jethro throwing a key lock at 1:09 of the second round. Dude he’s shameless man. First of all he’s cheap. Second of all he’s shameless, and third of all is it’s like he’s got no conscience.

Trigg: Here’s my question Jeff. If Severn did this work, did the promoters know that’s what they were getting with this fight?

Weller: No. They really honestly didn’t. They really honestly did not. It’s just like there was no buyer beware sticker on this one. They thought they were buying UFC Hall of Fame Dan “The Beast” Severn. I mean come on man. Come on…Anyway the bottom line is that MMA’s got enough scum bags in it, and you don’t need somebody in the UFC Hall of Fame rolling works for the kind of money that was laid out there. I mean it’s insulting. There’s no place for it.

Bennett: Jeff, good information. I appreciate it my man. Thank you Jeff. Talk to you soon.

Weller: Alright. See you guys. Peace.

You’ve now read the interview, watch the fight right now exclusively on MMAWeekly TV. Don’t forget about the DVD you can buy right now at sherdog.