"Seth (Petruzelli) was paid to stand up."

MMAWeekly.com talked with EliteXC consultant T.Jay Thompson on Monday night about the fallout from ProElite (EliteXC) closing its doors. Thompson was the founder of SuperBrawl, which later morphed into ICON Sport. He sold ICON to ProElite and now it is mired in the mess of the EliteXC meltdown.

Thompson was around at the final EliteXC show, “Heat,” where Ken Shamrock withdrew from the main event at the last minute and UFC dropout Seth Petruzelli was tabbed to fight Kimbo Slice at the last minute.

Unless you were under a rock, you know Petruzelli KO’d Kimbo and then a firestorm ensued when he went on a Florida-based radio show talking about how he was influenced to keep the fight standing against Kimbo.

Thompson relayed his insights on the issue, and let’s just say they offer no relief to the parties involved that have been trying to say that nothing of the sort happened:

“I was there cageside and watched the whole thing happen,” Thompson told MMAWeekly.com. “Watching Jared Shaw jumping up and down and screaming as a representative of the company, I think was disgusting and embarrassing.” He continued, “I don’t have a smoking gun, (but) I’ve been around long enough; I’ve talked to enough people that were there, I won’t name names of executives in the company that I know. Seth was paid to stand up. I’m confident of that. If the commission wants to talk to me, I’ll tell them what I know.”